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Lawyers, the new Pet Food Regulatory System

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  1. Gdoggie

    Outstanding. Hip hip for the lawyers, I’d support them

  2. Ellie

    When I was given the care of an anorexic small breed puppy that refused any commercial pet food I found myself doing research on pet food. Do you know that pet food company websites and packaging give 0 information about where their ingredients are sourced or how they are processed? Oh, if you look further and deeper you can find more info but typical pet food companies are not going to give you any of that information. Most information comes from former industry workers and people like Susan who have studied the industry inside and out.
    Good luck to Wysong getting information about where these garbage processors get their ingredients. If the public knew the truth the industry would lose half of their customers.

  3. Marie

    Great news! And kudos to Wysong! If only we could each afford lawyers, we’d really kick this into gear. And no way do I believe those pictures! I saw a bag of Purina Filet Mignon (LOL!!! LOL!!!) and read down the list of ingredients and finally found it, about 15 ingredients down. Thank you, Susan, for the hope in this post!

  4. Jude

    Thank you so much for providing this info for us. Let’s pray that the judges follow the law.

  5. Barbara

    My company is located in Canada, we’ve been in the pet food business for 11 years. ( next week in our anniversary!) For years I’ve had people tell me that the US foods are so much better because there are regulations, and the Canadian manufacturers are not regulated. What is the point of having regulations if they are not enforced? Hooray for the lawyers taking them on!
    Prior to owning my company I used to run City of Vancouver Animal Control, Canada’s first municipally funded no-kill facility. I spent hours trying to explain to our City Council and Parks Board that unless they were going to spend money on enforcing bylaws, to give them teeth, DON’T BOTHER!!!! Same with speed limits, distracted driving etc.

  6. Jean Hofve DVM

    It’s not like they weren’t warned! Susan has done an outstanding job by continually bringing this issue up to AAFCO, to FDA, and to pet food companies at AAFCO meetings. Nobody wanted to do anything (including their JOBS), but of course, nobody cares unless it affects their PROFITS. Good for Wysong for sticking a big fat wrench in the works!!

  7. Momtoza

    Well it’s about damn time!!

    Thank You Wysong!!!!!!

  8. Debra

    Also important is to place expectations on veterinarians who peddle this crap. Many folks will assume that these foods are more than ‘good’ when sold at a vet’s office. I applaud this action and only hope that the ADA and others regulating (supposedly) get a clue. Important to note is recent legislation which will make possible for meat to be sold in this country with NO info on the label as to source of ingredients or the where it came from. Can you say: Chinese meat?

  9. Rose Studdard

    Many thanks Wysong, i hope you win. If my vote or signature counts then count me on your side!

  10. Jane

    I’m so glad to learn about this lawsuit. Maybe other manufacturers of high quality foods will pursue legal actions in the future to reduce the illegal and unfair competition by crap-feed companies who put dollar signs before pet health and purposely deceive pet families. With FDA and AAFCO (or other “authorities”) being so concerned with font size on pet food labels, you’d think they would see pictures on the foods as requiring enforcement as well. I really hope Wysong is successful in this suit, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see BigPetFood use all their resources and lobbying to halt Wyson’s efforts. I really hope not! I sent an email to Wysong ( to thank them for trying to stop the fraud and lack of enforcement. Legal battles are not cheap. I feed fresh food and kibble to my Samoyed, sometimes using Wysong in her kibble rotation or serve it as a topper. I hope at least in a small way I am supporting their effort.

    1. Batzion

      Jane, you inspired me to write Wysong as well. Here’s what I wrote:

      “I just read about the six lawsuits you filed against Purina, Mars, Big Heart, Hill’s, Ainsworth and Walmart on because of misleading packaging and advertising and want to thank you for taking these corrupt corporations to task via litigation.

      “May these lawsuits get a lot of press so that the ugly and deceptive side of commercial pet food receives the attention it so richly deserves.

      “Best wishes,”

      Thank you, Jane, and, of course, thank you, Susan.

  11. Debbie

    Thank you so much Wysong, I have had lost 2 fur babies to cancer. I don’t buy pet food from any of those companies listed, I purchase Fresh Pet, Simply Nourish and Rachel Ray 6. I hope Wysong can stop the products from China coming into United States. The sad thing is the better foods are very costly and the lower income folks can not afford them so they buy the cheap stuff.

    Thank you again.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Debbie –
      All three of the brands you listed (FreshPet, Simply Nourish and Rachael Ray) do the same thing that Wysong is suing over. All three put misleading images of grilled or roasted meats on the label when the meats are never grilled or roasted. The Rachael Ray pet food is actually in the lawsuit – as they are made by Ainsworth. And to my best recollection – FreshPet is who started this mislabeling fiasco. I asked them four years ago if the meat in their pet food is grilled (image on the label clearly shows grilled meat) and they told me no. When regulatory authorities sat back and did nothing to FreshPet, my guess is that all other brands went…Well, if they are doing it then we should too.
      Unfortunately, these lawsuits have nothing to do with imports from China – so no hope there.

  12. Terri Janson

    Bravo Wysong! Good for them!!! Something must be done about these companies and I am happy they did.

  13. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    A big thank you to Wysong! So glad this lawsuit is happening!

    It is complete deception what is allowed on pet feed bags & cans! Industry continually double-spaced! One minute they say, “no-one reads labels, consumers do not get their information from labels”, then they go & fight when consumer advocates like Susan & others state the facts, that yes! Consumers ARE duped by images of “grilled meats, fresh vegetables, etc”. This nonsense with Big Pet FEED Co’s has to end, and AAFCO & the FDA has got to STOP! aiding & abetting them in their deceitful practices!

  14. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    Darn auto correct! NOT… “double-spaced”….”double-speaks”

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