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K9 Natural Voluntarily Recalls Chicken Feast Raw Pet Food

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  1. Tryniti

    K9 Natural has the cleanest supply chain in the world, and is the only company allowed to transport raw, untreated food like that across borders due to their high safety standards. The fact that their food was tested TWICE, both before and after leaving the facility and still found no Listeria shows they are doing everything they can to ensure their food is pathogen-free. There is something more going on here, with these raw food recalls one after another in short succession, and I don’t see that it has anything to do with the raw food manufacturers themselves. Most of them have test and hold procedures that far outweigh the safety standards of most kibble.
    This is one of my top three ultimate favorite pet food companies for high quality, superior nutrition, and ethical standards. I have absolutely zero concerns about their ability to continue to feed my dog safely.

  2. spin

    I am getting so tired of the FDA’s useless witch hunt against raw food companies, most of which take far more precautions to ensure the safety of their foods than any kibble company ever would. They are wasting time and money while animals are dying from kibble.

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