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K-9 Kraving Dog Food Has Announced a Voluntary Recall of Their Chicken Patties Dog Food

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  1. Peter

    So much for “USDA Certified” as a selling point…

  2. Pacific Sun


    The term “certified” implies that the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Agriculture Marketing Service have officially evaluated a meat product for class, grade, or other quality characteristics (e.g., “Certified Angus Beef”). When used under other circumstances, the term must be closely associated with the name of the organization responsible for the “certification” process, e.g., “XYZ Company’s Certified Beef.”

    Contamination can occur anytime during processing. The “fail” comes from not adequately testing / sampling product BEFORE shipping. K-9 Kraving Dog Food became aware of a potential issue AFTER receiving notification from the FDA that a routine surveillance sample of Chicken Patties tested positive. Salmonella is prevalent in poultry. But Listeria monocytogenes can be very serious for humans. A warning is posted out of caution for humans.

    The benefits of RAW means it good to rotate into the diet. And the FDA is probably targeting these companies (as opposed to kibble) to make a point with consumers. But an owner has to have their “wits” about them when feeding in this manner.

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