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Judge rules Champion Lawsuit will continue

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  1. Cindy

    I wonder if the CEO of Champion would eat a bowl of Orijen in court to show how safe and fit for human consumption it is?

    1. Gina

      “Ingredients” aren’t finished product. That’s where they have to prove fit for human consumption. Is chicken fit for human consumption? Depends on the chicken. I look forward to seeing how transparent they will be about where they get their ingredients.

    2. Laurie Raymond

      I’m sure all the company’s executives would gladly “eat a bowl for the team” – and why not? The stuff isn’t any more likely to poison them than is the stuff most Americans eat every day is to poison them – because we are so short-sighted as to define poisoning as something that happens immediately and obviously, with no ambiguity at all. What we’ve created is a world where slow, incremental poisoning of everything that lives is acceptable as long as profits keep increasing. We need to embrace the “precautionary principle” when it comes to decision making in all important policy areas, including food and agriculture and manufacturing. Instead of trying to determine how much harm is acceptable, It begins by asking how much harm is avoidable. Much sounder. This Champion lawsuit is another step in that direction, and I agree that Champion has become just another cynical pet food company which deserves to continue under the Nestle aegis – which will get it recognized as such, and off my shelves immediately. But it is not worse than most, nor operating under a lower ethical standard than the rest of the industry. It just got caught.

  2. Hope

    So, if Champion is being required to support their claims in court the question in my mind is whether this court requirement will extend to other pet feed/food manufacturers. I sure hope that large conglomerate pet feeds will have the same required of them with their undoubtedly false advertising! And hard to believe that a Champion sale will be done during this lawsuit!

  3. Susan Bottino

    I fed both of my dogs Origen and was dismayed when production moved to the polluted state of Kentucky. Piper and Rosie died within months of each other with the older dog dying first. Their blood labs were off and no vet could tell me why. I began making food for Rosie and she got better for a short while but never fully recovered.

    I had a health plan for each dog plus a home visit vet giving tests and observing them. I took them for Xrays and ultrasounds and to specialists. I took Rosie to holistuc healers. In the end, they both lost coordination and control of walking. I still have copies of the labs and reports. I posted online to stay away from the Kentucky food. I called agencies but no one listened. This is the one year aniversary of Oipers passing. I am heartsick. Please, if you are feeding the food from Kentucky, stop. If you need support with the with suit please tell me. Thank you Susan.

  4. T Allen

    This is a great first step! I hope she has an excellent attorney!

  5. Laurie Raymond

    It is an interesting and important question whether testing for these heavy metals is done before sale to human or pet food companies by the purveyor of ingredients. It emerges, for instance, that since the Fukushima disaster, we have learned of increases in contamination of fish from different ocean locations. Sardines are affected. How do human food and pet food companies differ in their response to this discovery? And how are they required to respond under the law? When “safe” levels are cited, what kind of studies yield this information? Duration of studies would be extremely important to such a determination – yet we are dealing with new situations (combinations and levels) of recent development. We certainly know that pet food company feeding trials of 6 months duration cannot prove nutritional adequacy over a lifetime – or even safety over shorter periods. The demands for an adoption by regulatory bodies of a ruling “precautionary principle” are based on the near-impossibility of assessing safety under current legal and practical conditions. I have always wondered if it would be possible to obtain Champion’s (or any pet food company’s) comprehensive list of suppliers. That would tell us a lot about their claims.

    1. Claudia soscia

      I agree and would love to see a list of their suppliers. I have been feeding my 5 cats origen for two years. They appear to be extremely healthy.But Being a medical biologist I realize these elements such as lead, Mercury and the like can build up in the tissue and cause problems in the future. However. I am not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I will wait and see before I once again go on that long journey to find a very good cat food.

  6. Eve

    PAWS APPLAUSE FOR THE JUDGE. Judges have beloved animals too. I would hope the “evidence requested” will be founded by the judge of an independent test and NOT sought from the deceptive unethical pet food company. We must all remember the revolution started with ‘you’ the distraught pet owne, our loved and influential Susan, Australian Police Dog Squad, Dr Karen Becker, Dr Lonsdale, Pet Food Advocate Rob Habib, The makers of Pet Fooled and many others who are defending their beloved animal pet guardians. This movement is on the rise and will only continue to grow into great success and a revolutionary ethical change paving food ethics for our pets, the planet and us. I can predict an influx of Holistic Pet Nutrition Education, Holistic Veterinariany Practise growth and clients education the list goes on and it actually will help pet food manufacturers offer better approach changing their methods in what they sell.

  7. Kathleen

    If you aren’t feeding your dogs raw, then what is the 3rd choice from the top in dry after Orijen and Acana in a weight management form?

  8. Gary W

    All three of my dogs got severely ill after eating Orijen dog food. I made a complaint with customer care in Edmonton and they started an investigation on the lot #. They concluded that there was nothing wrong. After paying an exhorbinant vet bill, I have filed small claims suit for damages. Bloody stools, vomiting, and lethargy. I was lucky they survived and have switched dog food companies.

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