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Jerky Treat Don’t Feed Warning from FDA

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  1. nick ciavarella

    I have been following all of the alerts that you’ve sent over the past few months. You are doing a great job, thanks.

    My question is: have you heard anything of Nudges? They are (supposedly) made in the USA from US chickens. They are much smaller in size than Waggon Train.

    Nick C

    1. Richelle Brown

      I’m interested in the answer to this question as well. I purchased a bag of Nudges jerky treats yesterday and each of my dogs got one last night. Then this morning my otherwise healthy 1 year old Sheltie had a seizure. He has never had them before. I won’t be feeding these treats till I rule them out but its the only new thing he has been exposed too. I’m a vet tech and will be monitoring him. Please, any info you have on Nudges is appreciated.

      1. Heather

        Hello, I recently bought a bag of Nudges Jerky treats from Walmart (made in the USA packaging) and about 30 minutes after giving my 7 year old border collie the treat, he had a violent seizure. He has never had a seizure in his life, and the only thing he had differently were the Nudges Chicken Jerky treats. I have since thrown the bag away, and he has not had any complications since.

  2. Glenn Hodshire

    It’s easy Why theuy donb’t say don’t feed chinese treats.. The US is at present Approximately 10 Trillion dollars in Debt to China.. In short they hold the Mortgage on our country That’s Why the FDA Won’t say anything about China…

    1. Lonnie

      Glenn is absolutely right on this one. This is about power & politics. China has it..and they are using it. We are so in debt to China…I dont think there is a political group strong enough to stop these products from China….and theres not a US Agency capable of making sure the products are safe

  3. Denise

    In September I had a bag of the Kasel Industries chicken jerky and had also purchased one for my son’s dog. A representative called me and said they would be replacing everything free of charge. They were very pro-active. But I have 4 dogs and they had consumed almost the entire bag already, none of them showed any signs of being sick. Right away I called my son and he confirmed that his dog wasn’t showing any signs of being ill either. Things happen but at least we know what we are dealing with in the USA and the factories can’t refuse to let the FDA in like China did. And we still can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with chicken jerky coming from China. The UNKNOWN scares the hell out of me. I think Glenn has a point too, China has us by the short and curlies and no one has the guts to tell them to keep their crummy chicken.

  4. Laurie Matson

    Glenn, I think you have hit the nail on the head regarding the relationship the US has with China. I have strongly been developing a hunch that China has some kind of stronghold over the USA, something that the FDA has been keeping under wraps. That can be the only explanation to this craziness with these Chinese Jerky Treats. China can do whatever they want because they are one up on the US!! Why did the US allow our country to get in debt to of all countries CHINA!! and then keep that information from common folk US residents? God help us!!

  5. Tyler

    An American-produced jerky gets recalled and all this site does is continue their war against China. “Something really stinks.” Yep, smells like xenophobia.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Tyler – can you not take into consideration all of the pets that have died and continue to suffer kidney damage from the jerky treats from China? This is no war against China – this is a war for safe pet food and treats – no matter where they are made.

  6. Tara Parsons

    before i hop onto the conspiracy train i would like to point out that the FDA is a federal agency and just like buying medicine from other countries they are not held to the standards that US made products are held to. the only they can do is suggest you use American made products

    1. Glenn Hodshire

      Tara that’s the point they didn’t say “Buy American” they didn’t say anything at first then just said “Don’t buy Chicken Jerky.” Any chicken jerky as if the American brands are bad as well or the simple fact that it’s chicken jerky makes it bad for dogs not just the one from the Chinese company. that is what smacks of Politics and Conspiracy..

  7. Mitzi

    No one has commented about Nudges. I fed some to my dogs and my elderly dog started drinking MASSIVE amounts of water the last two days. No more treats and off to the vet. Just trying to see if perhaps there was any info on this brand. I hate to say it, but am I being fooled into thinking that treats are ok as long as they are stamped “Made in the U.S.A.?”

  8. Zsunnat

    I have been feeding my dog Nudges for a few years now. My dog has had no such issue, seizure or drinking lots of water. we have been to the vet for check ups etc probably about 4 or more and she is in great health. I purchased my Nudges at Walmart or Ingles.

  9. Devra

    I have brother and sister dogs…feeding Nudges treats faithful daily …3 in a.min. and 3 in pm..female is sick..started with bloody stools..loss of appetite and energy..Vet has done test gave good there a test I shld specifically ask for…worried bout nudges

    1. Nick Ciavarella

      Most importantly…stop feeding your dog any treats! I was lucky that I stopped when I did. Your vet should be able to advise further.

  10. Lisa

    I’ve been giving all four of my dogs the Steak Nudges and no issues at all. Maybe some dogs are allergic. Just like people have allergies, animals do too.

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