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It Shall be Suitable for Use in Pet Food

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  1. Patricia Bresson

    I gladly signed both of these petitions when you first put them up. It’s more than despicable what the pet food industry and the FDA are doing!

  2. Mirsades McIver

    Just sent this message out to 5 animal rescue groups and some other classified groups and on facebook. Hope there is enough interest to get the signatures needed on the big one, almost there on the the one 🙂
    “Please sign the petition and forward this on to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on. The deadline is just around the corner. We’ve got to stop the pet food manufacturers from putting all this disgusting, rotten food into the pet food that we feed our beloved pets. Aren’t you tired of the cancers, heart disease, IBD, diabetes, etc. that your furry family members have to go through because of what they are eating?? They are suffering because the greedy manufacturers want to put more money in their pockets instead of spending it on quality ingredients, and making veterinarians rich.”

  3. Sharon Johnson

    I signed the petition the first time. How do I post only the video on my facebook page?

  4. Pam Nadelman

    A salesman for one of the pet food companies for which I sell food told me it’s not that the quality subject isn’t required; it’s not allowed. It’s just a slight difference in language but, given the apparent corruption of the groups pulling the strings, it makes more sense to me that honesty isn’t allowed, rather than not being required. Of course, he could also have just been a “salesman.”

  5. Nancy Lovell

    this must have standards

  6. Helen

    I give my dog real food!

  7. Judy Nichols

    We need to boycott any pet food company that continues this practice. Our dogs and cats are the purest creatures on the planet. We would all be less, if not for them, in our lives.

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