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Is FDA and AAFCO working for Purina now?

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  1. Hannie

    Should any of us be surprised? I truly believe that Purina’s profits are down (parents of fur babies are now beginning to see the BS that’s been pushed on them for yrs) so the marketing event was not a surprise……even that biggies from the FDA & AAFCO were there canoodling & backing up Purina’s claims of wonderful & safe food……choke gag……GMAFB. Oh how I would love to walk into a store & pick up all of my dog’s food & not have to buy it in the grocery store & cook it myself. It will never happen until they clean up their act & I don’t think they ever will…..

  2. Shannon

    Purina boiled a cat alive a few weeks ago, so…

    1. Dog lover

      What?! Where did you here that?? Not doubting you I just want to know.

        1. Dog lover

          Wow what a sickening story. I’ll just add that too the very long list of reasons. I will never feed/buy anything owned by Purina!!

          1. Elizabeth

            I’d pretty much add all products owned my Nestle(owns Purina), P&G, and Mars to your list of do not buy any of their products for humans or pets. We boycott all of them and do our best to boycott Monsanto and chemical companies adding poison to our food system by purchasing local and organic.

  3. soozyb2013

    How on earth could someone not realize that the carrier was just a wee bit heavier than normal, it would also be kinda unbalanced with the weight of the cat inside. Geez Louise.
    When will these companies just agree that their practices are NOT healthy for our pets!!?!?? I know they know, they have to know, that is what is infuriating!! Greedy money hungry bastards! I shake my head.
    So sorry about the kitty, so sad, so sad indeed.

  4. Lisa Marie

    Susan , coincidentally I overheard a cat customer (at the indy store) telling another cat customer that her vet said, “You can forget about feeding those high priced fancy foods, Purina is what I recommend as their foods are consistently tested for safety.”

    What a load of bs, these companies are getting desperate, more lies and fairy tales …

  5. landsharkinnc

    I think collusion has always been in the background between FDA/AAFCO and other ‘food’ regulators or inspectors and the food industry itself – and animal feed is no exception –

  6. Stephanie Seger

    I can’t help but wonder what the outrage would be if members of the FDA or CDC attended pharmaceutical company meetings. What makes the pet industry any different?! I find the association between AAFCO, the FDA, and Purina despicable yet not surprising at all.

  7. Anthony Hepton.

    We have spoken to Dr McChesney in the past and he knows our position regarding Purina and their lack of compliance with FDA requirements. Until there is consistency between the FDA requirements and manufacturing performance, the pet food buyers will be facing products that constantly put our pets in jeopardy. Dr McChesney knows this and so do the executives at Purina. The only solution is to avoid all Purina products.

  8. Ian

    “Purina claimed the event was to be transparent to the public” …. were you or any other non-industry pet food safety advocates invited or in attendance?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No, I wasn’t invited.

  9. Erich Riesenberg

    In my experience, it is common for government regulators to speak at industry events. This is common at least in the areas of finance/banking and environmental / the EPA. The speeches should be posted on the regulator websites.

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