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IRS Scandal & FDA

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  1. Mary Anne Latham Kennard

    Maybe Mr. Kelly should be notified of the wrongdoing of the FDA.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I did contact Representative Kelly. But it really needs to be from someone in his state (PA).

  2. Sally Roberts

    Your right ! This could and does totally apply to the FDA too !! They seem to do whatever they want all the time regardless of danger to humans or animals !!

  3. ellie

    With all the corruption that has been exposed in the past couple of years concerning various departments within our government I can only imagine the corruption within the FDA. Who will ever expose what goes on there? What kind of bribes and waste of tax payer money goes on in the fDA? You would have to think that it is very profitable to those who run that department to allow the pet food companies to slowly poison our pets with the most vile of ingredients used to make a “food” product that can have synthetic vitamins added to it.
    Americans have bought the idea of breakfast cereals that do not resemble real food or have actual real nutrition in it. They buy the “cheese food” that sits on the shelf in their grocery store without even questioning what it really is. If it is not real cheese they why eat it? Is it worth saving a few cents? We have become like trusting sheep to the slaughter. Then they ask why so many Americans are dying of cancer and other food induced diseases! Now our pets are dying at increased rates with the same human, food induced diseases. It’s time to wake up.

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