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Interesting Study on Dog Bloat

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  1. Christopher DeBartolo

    I just buried my Boxer. Bought her a bag of Halo Spot Stew Kibble to try on September 9. Mixed the kibble with water (as I’ve always done with her usual Fromm’s kibble)
    Had NO clue why all of a sudden by baby just went into a horrific painful hell. I get her discharge papers and none of the bloat risk applied. And then I noticed that adding water to a kibble with citric acid as a preservative and you’ve just initaited a very high risk of bloat/gdv.


    I get home and check the Halo ingredient list. CITRIC ACID.

    HaloPets on twitter advised me citric acid is not a factor. Because Halo Pet is so truthful and perfectly Holistic. Oh no. Not Halo. Well apparently Halo really doesn’t know what information to give the consumer. If you scour their blog you’re going to find all kinds of inconsistencies on what they claim or preach.

    Here’s just one example:

    June 1, 2009. Halo Pet states “it is impossible to claim that citric acid in dog kibble is a risk factor for causing bloat.”


    February 10, 2012 Halo Pet ADMITS citric acid in kibble mixed with water IS a bloat risk.

    Of course if bloat and digestive problems have never been an issue in your pets life. Then you really wouldn’t know about citric acid or bloat or gdv. Most consumers would have no clue.

    Not until AFTER their dog was dead.

    A simple little warning label on the bag would have prevented my boxer’s horrific death. And guaranteed someone else will have it happen to them.

    Halo Pet is fully aware of the citric acid high risk factor. And they still use it in their kibble. Really not so holier and healthier than thou. Are they.

    There you go. Don’t let it happen to you.

    1. Kieran

      Thank you for posting this. I just bought my bichon/poodle Halo and mixed it with water last night. He was really uncomfortable and licked the blankets for about 30 minutes. I thought he had burned his toungue (even though I made sure it was not too warm) and I felt terrible…this morning his mouth looked fine, and fortunately he feels fine. Now I see it was likely the water/citric acid combination. If I hadn’t come across your post, I would have continued to mix his food with water this week. Now I will return it. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Boxer.

      1. Christopher DeBartolo


        Thank you…awareness is key and Im glad you saw my post. Halo kills. If you read Halo’s blog you’ll see many posts by their consulting “vet” Donna Dolittle Spector. All one has to do is read through Halo’s entire blog and it is very evident that Donna doesn’t keep her information or answers consistent. She sounds like a corporate programmed record. Major example is one post within the blog where she states it is IMPOSSIBLE for citric acid to be a risk factor of bloat. Read another post entry and she states the complete opposite: citric acid IS a high risk factor for bloat. You’ll find many more inconsistencies. Donna sounds smart ..but read between the lines and go past surface level’ll see that she is nothing more that a broken record repeating the words that corporate programs into her. $$$$$ talks
        Hope your pup is ok. Thank you again.

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