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In Search of Clues

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    My cats eat an all wet, and raw diet. When I introduce a different type of wet food and they start drinking more water I know there is way too much salt in the food. This just recently happened to us. I had to look at the ingredients again and saw all the different names for salt on the can

  2. Yvonne McGehee

    Just as there is sodium in the ingredients of the food, there is also calcium in the ingredients. So, how much calcium needs to be added, depends on how much is in the ingredients. Foods that contain a lot of calcium in their ingredients, don’t need much calcium added. Lamb is an example, lamb meal usually includes the bone so is high in calcium. So calcium will not necessarily appear above salt; how much calcium is added depends on how much calcium is in the food’s ingredients.

  3. Amee R.

    As ALWAYS Susan, VERY GOOD POINTS! I plan on doing just what you said, calling and asking for lab results.

    Also, I give my elderly and physically challenged cats “Cosequine for cats”. I did taste a small bit of it before starting them on it and it tasted VERY salty. I mention it only as a reminder that it isn’t necessarily just “food” that could be getting over salted (which I say generally, as I know your focus is food).

    I will, of course, let you know what I find out after I contact them. Keep up the AMAZING work!

  4. Meike

    That was my thought too, some ingredients contain quite some calcium, like any meal wich includes bones. In that case, not much calcium needs to be added.

    I always ask the manufacturer how much sodium the food contains, for me this is the easiest way to compare salt content.

  5. Christopher Lucas

    I have noticed that some people just apply ideas and clues on their pets, as the results the pet getting ill or suffer from some digestive diseases. But I hope your clues for the pet foods will be batter not only for health but also allow pets to have a walk with you freely. The clues added by you as salt then for adult dogs dry food etc are all about producing energy in dogs. The pet lovers like me really find it good piece of information and surely they will apply these clues on their pets as well. I hope they will get actual results rather than any damages. Your work for this regard is appreciative as you describe ingredients of clues in understandable manners.

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