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IMS Trading Corp to voluntarily withdraw Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treat Products

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  1. Jennifer

    What about their duck treats? Is that not considered poultry?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I would guess they are only recalling chicken treats because that is all that NY Dept of Ag has tested and found the antibiotics in. I would also guess (hope) – NY is testing more and more of the treats imported from China (and soon).

  2. Bently

    It would help greatly if you would put the package picture on your site when you say someone is recalling or discontinued a product so it’s more easily identified by the consumer.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Very good point – will try to do so. Thank you.

    2. Kelly Wagner

      If anything is made in China, please consider not feeding any longer. We lost our vibrant beagle who had just turned 7 the week before to acute renal failure that we believe was caused by eating the Cadet duck jerky. Look at the bag, it says to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after giving it to your dog. Why should you have to wash your hands after giving your pet something edible? If you still have those treats, stop feeding them. There is a theory that the glycerin in the treats might be a source of problems that are causing illness and death in dogs.

  3. nick ciavarella

    Thanks to Susan Thixton. Without her time and dedication these chicken treats would never be taken from the shelves!

    It’s about time!

  4. dmiller

    Does anyone know if they are recalling the treats in Canada as well.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      At this point, I do not believe they are being recalled in Canada. But I would suspect they will be eventually.

      1. Sarah

        They should be; I’m telling everyone I know who has a dog about these recalls, & I’ve been telling everyone I know who has a dog about these poison treats for quite some time. I live in Canada & am trying to “spread the word”. It’s not easy. I’m going to go in to my local giant tiger, freshco, etc & ask to speak to a manager if I see Chinese jerky treats on the shelves. I’ll explain the situation in the u.s. & see how responsive they are. Fingers crossed; I’ll keep you posted.

    2. Kelly Wagner

      They should be. Other brands, Milos Kitchen, Waggin’ Tails, etc are being recalled.

  5. Peter

    The issue is the acceptance of certain drugs, additives, and processing methods outside of the US. I wish consumers would just accept that generally, and stop buying the products… start telling their retailers that they want other choices. It has been clear for a long time, as Susan has ably demonstrated through this site, that the framework for profit-motivated agribusiness disallows concern for the consumer or their pets. The over-arching attitude of these suppliers (and the corresponding US “manufacturers” who they make products for) is one of conceit and contempt for the law, for honesty, and for decency. Money matters. US consumers need to pressure their retialers. Until retailers themselves start pressuring the agribussiness community, dogs (and cats) will continue to be sickened and killed.

  6. Deborah

    Yeah!!! Another victory! More exposure! More recalls! On the other side, this is quite disturbing to learn there are shelves and shelves of poisonous treats sold for the sake of profit. Sounds like a class action suit is coming!

  7. DeEtta T. Hart

    I fed my dog 3 years old, chicken jerky treats from china when she was about 8 months old. Then later I saw many comments saying that people had given their dogs the same treats and their dogs all had the same symptoms. Throwing up for no reason , every 2 0r 3 days, with no other symptoms, until they died. My dog now is throwing up for no apparent reason and has no other symptoms. I stopped the chicken jerky treats as soon as i read all the comments. I just want to cry. I hope that someone finds out what they are putting in those treats that are killing our beloved pets.

    1. Linda Swanson

      Get your dog to the vet. Vomiting can lead to dehydration and involve the kidneys

  8. Linda Swanson

    Poultry, beef or lamb the real issue here is never buy food from China. Would you feed it to your child? If not, don’t feed it to the other member of the family, your dog. How many of our family pets have to die before we catch on? We have had it with food and treats both. If you think the FDA or the manufacturers really care about you or your dog I have some great swamp land for sale. Give me as call

  9. judi zimmerman

    PetGoods in Paramus, New Jersey is refusing to take these off the shelves, says recall only applies to New York.

    1. Peter

      Approach the manager. Even in the wording of their own recall, it is specific, “not approved in the US.” You could be saving some lives. Too bad the business does not devote some energy to understanding their responsibilities in this issue.

  10. Jo Gagliano

    I just purchased Cadet Duck Breast made from China. Is that safe to give my dog.
    Thank you

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If the treat is made in China or sourced from duck in China – you are taking a risk.

    2. Kelly Wagner

      We believe it killed our vibrant, healthy beagle last September. She had only been to the vet the month before for her shots and a check up. She had just turned 7 the week before she died. It took her down hard and fast. Her lab results show she died from acute renal failure from a toxin and when I contacted IMS the way they reacted indicated to me that they weren’t surprised. My other much bigger dogs vomitted violently after eating it – the vomit was nothing like I had ever seen in the 10 years…and they’ve never vomitted like that since. She was much smaller. I now make sure that the dogs get NOTHING from China. Please consider returning it to the store.

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