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Hy-Vee issues voluntary recall of certain dog food products

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  1. Sunny Braley

    Why would anyone buy a dog or cat food with corn or wheat in it? This still amazes me.

    1. Peter

      There are many reasons for that, and it is disturbing how little (well, often none) “research” consumers put into purchasing pet foods. The “trust” is not valid and certainly not earned.

      When consumers buy grain-based pet foods, their pets are taking a 6-way hit at every meal: 1) the excessive carbohydrate load; 2) the molds that are inevitably present owing to long-term storage of low quality grain ingredients; 3) the “storage mites” that feed on these grains (who spend their entire life cycle in the storage silo, and which means your pet eats their feces and dead bodies); 4) the aflatoxins that the molds secrete to protect themselves from predators (the storage mites); 5) the anti-fungal agents the manufacturer needs to add, to combat these fungi; and 6) the pesticides the manufacturer adds to combat the storage mites and other insects. All this becomes part of the daily diet for the unfortunate pets who are forced to eat the grain-based foods, every day of their lives.

    2. Lynn

      Because their vets are recommending/selling it. Because it is what is in the grocery stores and they just don’t know better. Because they go into pet stores and that is what is recommended. What we need are T shirts to wear every where that say “I can tell you the about the truth about pet food.” I wear shirts all the time for other things I am involved in and get asked about them quite often.

  2. KC

    Why buy? usually because pet owners in low income areas can’t afford to buy the pricier pet foods. In my area people are abandoning large breed dogs and giving horses away to anyone who will take them. Now, most of this is done as 1000 people moved out of the area due to lack of jobs, and most are low paying jobs with no benefits. The rest of the population is on Social Security or disability. So even if a person wants better for their pet, sometimes circumstances force hard choices.

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