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How Long Has It Been Since We’ve Seen a Kibble Recall?

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  1. Casey

    Gosh, it’s almost as if they shape their results to suit the big manufacturers or something…

  2. Pet Owner

    I’m not defending the issue, and would be as skeptical as yourself. But do you think their “defense” would be in terms of redeploying “manpower”? So now they’re just more focused in one direction rather than the other. Could it be, someone suggested that as long as feeding raw is only going to continue, then they’d better be even more vigilant? Listeria is pretty serious.

    I do feed raw. But I remember recommending it to another person’s dog (distant relation to mine) and that dog got $500 worth of being very sick from eating raw food. I think back now, and it must’ve been a bad batch, several years ago.

  3. Ms. B Dawson

    Well, here’s a surprise! This article, entitled “FDA’s fixation on raw pet food ratchets up again”, just hit my inbox from the WPA Newsfeed:

    It’s a mostly balanced article, although it quotes incomplete statements from FDA’s 2013 study making it sound as if all forms of pet food were tested instead of just raw. The result is the impression that dry food had no contamination issues.

    The suspicious part of me wonders if maybe this article wasn’t an underhanded way to point out all the negative documents on FDA’s website. But still, for an industry trade rag to print anything vaguely supportive of the raw industry is out of the ordinary.

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