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How Kibble is Made

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  1. Silvermane

    Although I am sure that the majority of pet food manufacturing facilities are similar in cleanliness (just imagine what a canning facility looks like), they aren’t all this way. I have personally toured the Champion Petfoods plant in Morinville, Alberta, Canada and it is spotless. Since they do many, many tours, I’m pretty sure that they don’t just keep it clean on visitor days. I haven’t been to others, but I would assume plants from top, ethical and responsible manufacturers would be clean as well (I’m thinking family owned companies like Fromm for example, not multinationals). I would be less sure about plants that do a lot of co-packing. The Diamond plants, for example, seem to have had a fair number of cleanliness issues with the FDA, etc.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I would agree with you – I don’t believe all of them are this dirty. But would guess most are.

    2. Aunnika

      Really glad you added Fromm to your list. I really feel they do a great job. Only wish they had more wet cat food options and cat treats. They would have me for everything then 😉

  2. T Allen

    Look at 1:37. See the big gap/crack in the equipment. There is no way to clean that. I guarantee there is all kinds of nasties living in there. Until the word is spread far and wide and people start hurting these companies in the pocketbook this will continue.

    1. Batzion

      Missed it first time around. Thank you for pointing it out.

  3. Kathryn

    I ran across a YouTube vid from the “how it’s made’ program late last year — the dialog was what offended me more than the condition of the actual plant — they glossed over what the actual ‘ingredients’ are by using terms like cereal products for humans, etc., and the ‘Fat and flavor enhancers’ in the finishing spray — if they had told what it ‘really’ was — rancid, chemically enhanced, etc., etc., etc., it would have been a totally different program

    1. Batzion

      The whole mess, both animal and human, is a GMO and chemical nightmare.

  4. Debi Cohen

    OMG, dastardly and cruel to all involved in the consuming of and the purchase of.

  5. Aunnika

    Susan I love what you are doing and share on G+ and FB.
    I was wondering if there are chemical words used for “pet flavoring” that we could get a copy of and look out for on the contents on bags. Obviously, using the guideline “if you dont know what it is and you wouldnt eat it” is a good one, but even human grade food has scary words on it! One word i keep finding on my good Cat Food is Montmorillonite Clay….wth? Is this is a source of minerals or iron? The food is much darker than most BTW.
    Either way, would love to know if there are fancy chemical words used for neat flavoring

    1. Aunnika

      PS. My spell incorrect got the best of me
      I meant “Meat Flavoring”

    2. Susan Thixton Author

      Flavorings would be listed as ‘natural flavors’ or ‘steak flavor’ and so on. And we are not told what those flavorings consist of. The industry is allowed to claim this is proprietary information.

      1. Aunnika

        Thanks. Luckily not seen that yet, but you do see this on human food. Especially flavored potatoes chips.. Erargh

  6. Steve Bryant

    Susan, I know you’re now an advocate of canned wet food as opposed to kibble, but assuming MOST kibble producing plants are not perfectly clean, why would you assume wet food producers are any different? Most companies that make canned also make dry. I’m not sure I understand what point you’re trying to make.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Steve –
      I’m not saying that canned are any different – all we have video of is a kibble plant. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. Aunnika

    Well, I take back my Clay question. Apparently the Discovery channel covered this too and it acts as an antioxidant or toxin remover! I’m finding it in Natures Variety Instinct canned. The few decent brands that the cats will eat. I looked it up via Google. Could not cut and paste the link for some reason.

    Now that raw food s the latest. Wondering how that is handled. It’s more money but my cats love the Instinct brand of it and it doesn’t mess with their GI tract.

  8. Mary Sue

    Around 2:34 to 2:36 it looks as if the white paint has come off the machinery exposing a brown metal surface underneath. Am I seeing it correctly? If so, what happened to all the paint chips that have flaked off over time?

  9. Mimi

    Another thing that wasn’t mentioned in human canned food a certain amount of rodent and bugs are allowed depending on the brand. My aunt worked at a canning place and better brands allow less rodent, insects droppings etc. Can you imagine what is allowed in animal plants…”oh a rat just drooped in the food mixer, we’ll have to up the protein content” lol. I know it’s not funny and I hate kibble but do the best I can do. All we can do is stay with smaller family operations with open doors. One of my all time favorites unfortunately sold out to a big company.

    1. Aunnika

      May I ask who or what company that is?

      Yes, even FDA has issues with food storage. Back in the 80s and 90s the State used plants that used Federal or State prisoners as employees for their Hospitals. Rumor had it, the milk was tested once and found urine and semen in the samples. Sickening to know this was used for their mentally ill and developmentally disabled patients.

      Any hoo, please share so we know. Thanks

  10. Laurie Matson

    Notice they don’t show the huge piles of dead, 3 day Rotting cattle remains laying in the 95 degree heat !! Covered in Flys and maggots and god knows what else!!!

  11. Nina Wolf

    Mary Sue – I wondered the sam thing.

    Aunnika – Fromm may do a decent job of kibble, but their caned food is co-packed by EVANGERS, and that is a big problem. Evangers has a bad, bad history, but unfortunately, they do a lot of canning. Wild Calling uses them, as does Party Animal and many others.

  12. Christine

    Thank the Lord my dogs get fed raw. Made me quite disgusted to just watch the video and to think all those poor animals that are fed this junk that goes so against what carnivores should eat for true good health. The video didn’t even show all the other chemical preservatives, etc. that are added. The majority of the populous just want things easy for them but don’t realize or care that their animals do not require carbohydrates and other junk which just promotes dental issues and ill health over time. I guess they’d rather pay their vets lots of money for sick animals instead of getting a little education and promoting good health and a long life for their companions. I’ve been feeding a raw diet to my pack since 1996. My elder passed last year at age 17+ and was raw fed from weaning. I’ve had many other Westies I’ve bred live well to 16 and over with a number at 17 as well. A little education makes a big difference.

  13. Linda Frieden

    We owe it to our furry animals to feed them healthy food and not garbage.

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