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How Charlie’s heart condition was cured by nutrition

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  1. jb

    Better to put him on a raw diet than cooked. He is missing amino acids, enzymes & other trace nutritional needs by cooking his food. Hope you are not adding fruits & vegetables. Instead add organ meats, 10%/90% to raw meat & bone.

    Bet his values will be better.

  2. jb

    By cooking meat for him you are eliminating L-Arginine. It is an amino acid the promotes nitric acid in the body that relaxes the arteries, hence lowers blood pressure.

    1. Dr Cathy

      Arginine is still present in cooked foods. Overcooked foods denature protein and cause loss of full amino acid availability. This article gives one example of differences between cooking temperatures, digestibility and presence of amino acids, including arginine, in feed.
      See items 37 and 42 on the following list – raw turkey vs cooked – arginine is still present.

  3. Anne

    Thanks Dr. Kathy!

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