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How a diet change brought out the true Misty

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  1. Peter

    Many so-called “diet” formulations are essentially “fake,” in that they are “lower in calories” related only to the parent company’s own other products. Consumers need to understand the need to examine calorie content, not rely on packaging. And consumers also need to demand that calorie content be listed on EVERY food. The AAFCO expressly discourages disclosure of carbohydrates on pet food labels, insisting that consumers aren’t interested: according to their manual (2003, p.178), “Carbohydrate guarantees are no longer considered as necessary or meaningful for purchaser information, therefore, their use is discouraged.”

  2. Anne

    “interesting about the Iodine; Iodine is added to most dry kibble; so how do you make sure Cats gets Iodine?”
    My Cat eats “canned tunafish” for protein”!!!

    1. Darlene

      Please don’t feed your cat tuna- it is a terrible food for cats for many reasons….including that it contains heavy metals and fire retardant chemicals, depletes vit B1, your cat can become addicted to it, it ( and all fish) are linked to thyroid and urinary problems…human tuna is esp bad but all fish should be avoided for cats- or only fed in VERY small amounts ( none is better!) For protein in cats stick to chicken, turkey, duck rabbit- ( beef only if your cat can tolerate….poultry and rabbit is best) Don’t take my word for it…do some research…..

      1. Anne

        @ Darlene: Cooked tuna does not deplete Vitamin B1 thiamine ; only RAW Fish depletes Vitamin B1 Thiamine! ‘All canned tuna is Steamed at high temperatures to remove “germs” thanks !

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