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Harvey, Irma and Pet Food

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  1. LMK

    Susan thank you for your proactive thoughts on what we purchase for our beloved pets!! It all seem overwhelming that no one in the federal sector is doing there job or better said doing it for their own personal agenda and to hell with everyone else that gives a damn.

  2. Trisha

    Excellent write-up. Thank you.

  3. Dianne & Pets

    I was under the impression that there is a maximum allowable amount of endotoxin, or was that aflatoxin? You wrote about it sometime ago and also said that the PFI was trying to get the allowable amount raised. Allow though, I am also under the impression that no one tests for endotoxin.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no tolerance established for endotoxins – there is for mycotoxin. In a meeting with FDA in early 2016 (I think) we asked FDA to establish a tolerance level for endotoxins. They said no.

  4. soozyb2013

    Tis a wee bit disgusting when you think of this sort of thing going on, but less being used for “feed” for our pets. I am thoroughly disgusted as a human being that other humans are just about the big $$$$$$$ not the welfare of our pets.
    Thank you Susan for all you do and very very glad you and yours are safe and sound.

  5. Jean Hofve DVM

    Absolutely correct, Susan. All the spoiled meat, fish, dairy, and produce, will go into animal feed, which includes pet food. And pet food has been specifically exempted from federal law by the FDA, as those links show.

    It’s also been recommended that food in jars, cans, and other packaging that have been submerged are also too dangerous for humans to eat because of massive bacterial and other contamination in the water… It *may* go to a landfill simply because it’s impractical to collect it with anything but a front-end loader, but if there’s a nearby renderer that can handle that amount and type of waste, well, that’s where it will go. Oreos, pasta, soup, you name it. If it was once human-edible, it is now pet-edible. Ugh.

  6. JaneeS

    So this disgusting crap goes to feed livestock raised for human consumption as well? Rotting and diseased products fed to animals that become human food? This is sickening. How can we get them to stop putting these hideous ingredients into pet food when they think it’s fine to feed it to animals meant for human consumption?How is that allowed? The dangerous chemicals and by-products stored in the animal meat are eaten by humans. I feel like throwing up after reading so many of Susan’s articles. I can’t believe there are real people working at FDA, AAFCO and in the PFI. Those people are complicit in sickness and death of humans and animals.

  7. Pat P.

    Of course, I am concerned about my cat and other pets. Yet, I am, also, very upset about our farm animals–all of which suffer immensely. What kind of sick world tolerates such cruelty?! It is not getting any better.

    Until we have an administration that is compassionate and empathetic–demanding it from others–concern for the fate of animals will mainly rest with those decent persons who love them. I care about them all.

    1. rick

      Must be referring to the FDA/AAFCO administrations. Nothing is going to remove them if the big recalls some years back didn’t do the trick. Graphic undercover footage showing “What’s REALLY In Your Pet’s Food??” has BEEN the reality for a very long time now and was posted right here on TAPF back in the day (where I first saw it). Note the DECADE it was filmed & posted, only 579,864 views since then. SAD!

  8. Mimi

    Thank you Susan for your work and hope this angers enough animal lovers to do something!

  9. Chriswalker

    Every single Publix store has power generators capable of maintaining the cold chain, powering store air conditioner units and operating critical lighting when the power goes out.
    I’m going on 6 days without power in SoFla and the Publix next door to me has been the only building, commercial or residential, within a couple square miles that has always had power. Speaking to the store manager I learned about how each Publix store is prepared for power outages.
    There may be truth to the practice in smaller grocery stores but to claim it’s applicable to Florida’s largest grocery chain is absolutely false.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      My Publix on Wednesday 9/13 had very little raw meat, very little deli meat and very, very little frozen foods. It was clear to me in this store a great deal of food had been lost. Your Publix might have a generator – mine clearly didn’t.

  10. Dianne

    This makes me so mad – I wish I knew how to organize an effective movement against the greedy pet food industry. I will gladly join any organization that will fight this outrageous assault to our pet’s food and other animal food. If only we could have the same monetary advantage that the greedy pet food companies have.
    Thank you Susan for your continued fight against the evil pet food industry.

  11. Maria

    Yet ANOTHER eye opener, Susan!! I never thought of this happening and SO appreciate your alerting us to this horrific concern! Year end donation coming in to you soon – you have worked tirelessly for our fur kids, and I appreciate all you do! For me, since I cannot be sure which companies are doing this evil gruel – and without any repercussions – I will try to prepare the food, human-grade, myself. Will hope to find recipes for home-made cat food that can be balanced with food/supps. Tragic…

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