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  1. al

    Everyone now has heavy metal poisoning. Just look at the skies. Those lines in the sky are the heavy metal spraying that is done daily in the populated areas and farming areas of the USA. The gov sprays, they say it is just science and engineering and breathing in heavy metals daily and covering the ground so the plants and water all absorb heavy metals will not hurt anyone, even though they know its a lie, but they will not stop until enough people make them stop. Its called Chem Trails. You can see the videos of ChemTrails by other non spraying pilots that video tape the spraying in the air. ChemTrail Pilots get paid a lot to fly the tankers spraying the chem trail lines all over our skies inwhich we breath. Not just our pets have heavy metal poisoning, so do all the people. It has been very profitable for Big Pharma, selling more asthma meds than ever due to breathing the particulates heavy metals being sprayed in the air.
    Many have coughs they never had before. More breathing problems than ever.
    Increases asthma, lung cancer and many illnesses, heavy metals pollute our entire environment from the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe. The gov uses our taxes to pay to poison the people, farm animals, agriculture, and entire environment

  2. Jana Rade

    Yes, very interesting. This was part of my dog nutrition course with Dr. Ava Frick, though she uses ARL Labs. Do you happen to know how is the process the same/different between these two?

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