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Groundless Suspicion?

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  1. Dianne

    They probably don’t remember, after all their news is heavily censored and it is risky to question authority. But I will never forget that their babies were also fed melamine. If they can’t even prevent something like that, I don’t believe they care about my pets or even my health.

  2. Ann*

    Concurrently with their poisoned chicken jerky dog treats, their human fast food chains such as Taco Bell, KFC, etc also served chicken to their customers that made them sick and severely hurt those businesses. As long as China denies responsibility, nothing will change and it will only make it many more years longer before they can be trusted again – IF EVER.
    Had they identified and corrected the problem and taken responsibility for it they could possibly be back on the path to a recovery. But they are clearly trying to blame it on the US consumers – BOO!

  3. Mark W Morton, DVM

    I wonder with whom they think they have any credibility? What a joke!

  4. Gitta

    It must be hard for Chinese government officials to wrap their heads around that “critical thinking” thing they may have heard about. They may have heard that in some countries the government does not tell their citizens what they can and cannot think. It must be quite the shock to learn that these stories are actually true. How horrifying to see it work the other way around: darn peasants forcing large companies to act. Unheard of (in China).

    Now, one of these days I’ll find myself bored to tears and I promise I’ll feel sorry for those poor Chinese officials. Yes, I do know the Chinese economy ain’t doin’ so great.

    Here’s an idea: instead of telling me what to think and what to buy – how about cleaning up the air a bit. Unless of course, that is some form of government population control.

    But until then “Made in China” is a pretty good purchasing repellent.

  5. Not Groundless

    See this is the mentality at fault. Commerce over compassion. Dismiss 1,000 pet fatalities. Make it seem as though owners are imagining cause and effect. Such nerve to be writing as if words alone can erase the issue. But denial is their MO. If they had been smart, they would’ve written something like, be assured we’re taking all precautions and spending every amount of effort on improvement. Unfortunately they can’t approach the subject from this angle. Because they already know what goes into these products. They are masters of bait and switch when under investigation. I would say their MAJOR downfall is arrogance. Explicitly evident through this public statement.

    Aren’t we glad that a growing American boycott is being noticed.

  6. Marsha

    All I will add Susan is a big “AMEN” to your article!

  7. Peter Wong

    We DO NOT buy any kind of dog foods or treats that are labeled Made in China. Even Chinese maby de human foods are NOT safe! Thousands of people go buy baby formula milk from Hong Kong each day because China made baby formulas have caused kidney failures & other serious illnesses. (Hong Kong is just a border away from Southern China so people take the train daily to go buy up all the baby formulas, its gotten to the point that local Hong Kong citizens don’t have enough baby formulas for themselves & the government has to regulate individual purchase limits).
    Well make a long story short just boycott China made pet foods & treats.

    1. Peter

      Unfortunately, almost every pet food manufactured today, cannot be said to be free of China-sourced ingredients, since the nearly single source available for bulk vitamins is China. This is a dirty little secret of may so-called “premium” brands that advertise the superiority of their sourcing.

      The manufacturers themselves can change this environment, if they are mindful to do so, financially. This should already be underway, but perhaps as consumers, we should all begin to apply pressure to accelerate the change.

  8. cheryl wisniewski

    So many products made in China have resulted in deaths of people as well as animals.
    The heparin tained with over-sulphated chondroitin that resulted in 81 deaths & 785 serious injuries.
    The tooth paste contaminated with diethylene glycol (anti-freeze). Fortunately this did not result in any deaths.
    The cough syrup contaminated with diethylene gylcol that killed at least 365 people (mostly children) in Panama.
    Pet food contaminated with melamine. “Veterinary organizations reported more than 100 pet deaths amongst nearly 500 cases of kidney failure, with one online database self-reporting as many as 3,600 deaths.”
    Candy and baby formula also tainted with melamine. “More than 53,000 Chinese infants had been sickened after consuming powdered baby formula that had been contaminated with melamine. Of that total, 13,000 were hospitalized and four died.”
    Children’s toys & baby bibs that were recalled because of high lead content.
    The common factor in all these cases is that the contaminant was cheaper.
    The Chinese are liars and cheaters. They will do anything to make a buck.
    This is just one more incident in a long litany of events.
    The tragic thing is that products are not labeled as made in China. So even if the public wanted to boycott items made in China they could not do it.

    1. Pet Owner

      Well in terms of manufacturing actually PF produts are labeled. “Made in the USA.” The problem however is that the source of third party ingredients (like vitamins & minerals for example) don’t have to be identified. That’s another loophole in Pet Food Regulations which the FDA should correct. A person can try calling the manufacturer, if they know, or if they will be honest about the answer. I believe only the products on the 2015 List have voluntarily identified the sources of all their ingredients.

      We can’t control or change the culture of foreign countries. No doubt serious mistakes exist worldwide but China earns a high rate of publicity for contiuous and deadly mistakes, which just seem stupid, greedy and arrogant! Our government is to blame for the failure to punish mistakes. And consumers make the situation worse by buying the cheapest products instead of those “Made in the USA.”

  9. Cora Vandekar

    Groundless suspicion.. How would they feel after loosing one pet by poison, confirmed by my vet. And 2 others on IV because of kidney failure after eating chicken Jerkies from the Costco. 5 of my 10 dogs were violently ill hours after eating this crap in 2011..
    Cloe never recovered! She died a year later in my arms(a Saint Bernard) Groundless suspicion he, can we please make them eat it!!

  10. Wolf

    Exactly…commerce over safety (and morality).

  11. Mandy Barberio

    AMEN! Those of us who lost pets or have pets with permanent kidney damage because of the 2007 Pet Food Recall will NEVER forget it!

  12. Anne

    to Cheryl: thank you for the information about the “toothpaste”; and to cora “sorry”

    the result the melamine problem affected over “50,000 dogs the FDA website says”

    Cats were adversely affected too!:(

  13. Dianne

    This must be putting a significant hole in their economy for the government to be interceding. Either that or the people/person involved in this industry have/has friends in high places.

  14. Ellie

    At least 90 percent of the items each American has in their home was made in China by people who make approximately 25 cents an hour.
    Most of those products were once made in this country. These products represent jobs that once helped to support American families
    Our politicians borrow billions of dollars yearly from China and a percentage of that money goes to pay people not to work while politicians waste much of it on “pork.”
    Our politicians give “favored nation” trade status to China despite the fact that doing so severely upsets the trade balance and removes more jobs from this country.
    Now China exerts their influence to force their poison products on our pets and silence the consumer.
    The corruption at every level is staggering.

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