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Getting to Know Simmons Foods

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  1. Hannie

    Only one I ever bought was Castor Pollux canned……now I know better. All the others that I found that are made there I don’t buy anyway. I found the list, provided by you (once again, thank you Susan for all you do) & now I know which ones to avoid. I’d rather manufacture my fur baby’s food……:-)

    1. Ian

      Hannie, do you have a list of foods that are made by Simmons ? Can you copy it here? Thanks.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        I don’t know if this is 100% of who they manufacture but this list was shared on my Facebook page:
        Canidae can
        Castor Pollux Can
        Life’s Abundance Can
        Nature’s Logic Can
        Ol’ Roy Can
        Dogswell can
        Evolve can
        Petcurean can
        Nature’s Variety can

        1. Ian

          Thanks, I’m still not on FB so I miss that stuff. From the video posted below the President and COO of Simmons states they are producing 3600 SKUs or individual products so it is pretty massive and extensive.

        2. Bethany

          Wild Calling, too

  2. Adriana Rojas

    Speechless…SO glad I feed raw…SOOOO glad! Thank you Susan!

  3. Chela

    Really. What is this 1930? What a slave-nice racket to add to their billions profit.

  4. Lori S.

    This is appalling. Thank you for reporting this.

    Do you still do those certifications? I forget what they are called, but pet food manufacturers filled out a form stating what their ingredients are and where they are sourced. I looked on the website and couldn’t find those. Anyway, you might want to include the packing plant as part of the info if you still do those.

  5. Ian

    All pet food labels should state who actually makes the food and where. If supposed pet food companies are not making their own food then the label should state who is making it. This should not be a guessing game. Pet food companies that don’t make their own food are actually just marketing companies and that should be more transparent on the label.

    1. Hannie

      You are so right but this is all a big secret & always has been……at one time I had a comprehensive list that I got back in ’07 during the recalls on one of the pet websites but I have no clue where it is now or if it’s even current. At least Susan has given you a list of where canned is made. Yuk. Susan has put together a fairly comprehensive list: & as usual we have her to thank……

    2. Peter

      If what you ask for was put in place… there would pretty much be almost nothing to choose from, we would be rejecting everything! What a world that would be!

      We must examine the social phenomena, wherein consumers simply have been trained to turn away from these issues. If consumers better understood the issues (realities) of co-packing, I wonder what we would all want to buy?

  6. NY

    Susan, thank you times infinity for your constant investigative reporting!! This is absolutely terrible and we need to know so that we can affect their bottom line…only way to make change happen with huge companies.
    My head is always spinning the past few years when it comes to simply purchasing quality, TRUSTWORTHY food for the family. I usually go to your Pledge to Quality and Origin, making decisions from there.
    A company like Natures Logic (Simmons) that is always providing full transparency to anyone who asks a question makes for feeding peace. Now one has to wonder if the extra profits being made at Simmons trickle down to those who use them too? Does it cost less to be manufactured there vs. say Performance just to name another that I am familiar with?
    Are those on your list of being manufactured at Simmons aware of this? If they do walk thrus, are on top whatsoever of what is going on with their private label manufacturing/canning like H&G is for example as you have mentioned in the past, do they realize what you say themselves- the type of labor that is going into the processing of their own foods? Do owners of say Natures Variety talk to the folks working the line ever? I try to stay clear of unfair labor practice manufactured items, easy to think Chinese, Thai, child labor etc. as they come to mind first…but hmmm, right here at home too…so much of your reporting should make it to the national nightly news to open more folks’ eyes, thank you again Susan!

  7. Mao Fuimaono

    I get that Simmons’ operations are not much different to the sweat shops around the world and they’ve taken evil advantage of the addicts who were legally sentenced rather than jailed and I do applaud your investigative reporting on the subject. But what I was also interested in was whether the products from Simmons were pet safe? Were there any rendered additives from China or elsewhere included in their products and so on?

  8. Michelle

    This info is from 2015, did your research show if this is still an ongoing issue with Simmons?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The RevealNews story is dated October 4, 2017.

  9. Mary Sue

    Doe anyone know who produces Tender and True organic canned cat food? The company is The label says “Distributed by Tender and True Pet Nutrition.”

  10. Charles Maglaughlin

    Google “Dead Pets Don’t Lie.” You will totally freak out. They put millions of dead dogs, cats, road kill, cows with maggots, chickens with cancer and tumors in dog and cat food, flea collars and all. It’s called “rendering.” There are NO regulations against this.

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