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Funny Story from AAFCO Meeting

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  1. Sandra Lewis


    How petty! How juvenile! This is how the representatives of the Pet Food Institute act while attending an AAFCO meeting? To say nothing about their appalling lack of manners, I seriously question their capabilities. The PFI professes to have our pet’s health as their number one priority, yet their actions are exactly opposite as evidenced by the caliber of the people who represent them.

    Now where did I put that recipe for Pumpkin Peanut Butter Organic Dog Cookies?? Cool! The dehydrator arrived from Amazon. Time to make homemade jerky for my Max.

    My granddaughter ,when little, made frequent foray’s into the dog’s dish, the dog’s stash cookies in his bed and was known to take the food right out of Dusty’s mouth. It makes me ill to think of what could have happened to her if she had eaten the Purina Waggin Tails chicken jerky.

    Sandra Lewis
    Farmington Hills, MI

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