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From Pet Foods To Human Foods: Roundup

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  1. Kathryn S

    and why would we be surprised by these findings?

  2. Dianne & pets

    How did you find out and were they successful?

  3. Jane

    I live in California wine country; tests were recently done that show every wine contained glyphosate, EVEN THE ORGANIC wines! Assumably from spray drift 🙁 Not that our animals drink wine, but this shows how prevalent it is in our environment. “It makes insect’s stomachs explode, but it’s perfectly safe for YOU!”
    Aren’t we lucky that “our” government just passed the Monsanto Protection Act…

    “science slowly begins to uncover the extent to which animals, humans and the environment have been contaminated with man-made, health-destroying chemicals.”
    Learn more:

  4. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    This is so scary, why does our Government allow this, no wonder cancer is so rampant in humans and animals. We can’t get away from this stuff, we are GUINEA PIGS and our Government allows it. There is more here than meets the eye??? What do you think?

  5. Elizabeth

    Just like my mom said about 30 years ago when talking politics and what our government has their hands in.
    Mom couldn’t believe it when we told her about the lies that we were hearing, what and why the war we were being told. “The news is true! They and our government wouldn’t lie to us!”
    That is why people are being fooled, paid no attention to what our “leaders” are doing. They’ve always trusted the government and the news media. So, through the years, we’ve had the “wool pulled over our eyes”.
    Not many people research why so high a % of cases of cancer, liver and kidney damage, birth defects, etc. are happening. Why ALL insects are being killed, even the beneficial ones like wasps, bees, lady bugs, preying mantises, etc. We want the easy way to control pests. ————It’s just like war, instead of only destroying the enemy we destroy the innocent! and the most valuable of ours and other countrys’ people! Sometimes I think war, whether against a military enemy OR insects and weeds, is another way of population control. All we are doing is making the enemy invent stronger defenses.

  6. Delcee K

    Because our government hates us. They do not care. All they care about is MONEY… Other countries care about their people. Ours, is out to destroy us and make as much money as they can..

  7. PAUL s

    it’s all about the money!!!!!

  8. melissa

    i don’t trust veterinarians anymore and i’m currently studying certificate IV in vet nursing and the stuff i have seen and heard behind closed doors in 4 vet clinics in the last 2 years is disgusting, a lot of veterinarian clinics do not care about animals it really is all about money, thinking about it makes my blood boil.

    1. melissa

      The reason why i mentioned vet clinics was because they sell this “pet food” too and try to sell it to nearly every client that walks in the door, they have been told to do this while learning and getting their degrees so in my opinion it’s everywhere, the governments, the consumers and the vet clinic staff.

  9. d

    Yes. This.

    We consider those vets CORRUPT. Back during the 2007 Recall our vet that also sells food would NOT report that all of our cats were poisoned. Two of them ended up getting intestinal cancer and eventually died from that. The other two feral/outdoor cats didn’t get as sick because they got less of that food since apparently they were mostly eating lizards and maybe other people’s food.

    The feral cats are now strictly indoors and we feed them Primal because that seems to be the best on the PFList. We call the ‘prescription’ food poison. One of our cats had to eat the one that has tons of fat in it so he could gain weight, but the only reason we gave it is he was going to die if he didn’t gain weight. We cried when having to feed that garbage. Luckily, he survived and is back on real food again.

    If vets sell food they will not want to do they best thing for your pet. They will do the best thing for their business.

    MONEY FROM PET FOOD COMPANIES CORRUPTS VETS. There is chance it is any other way.

    All *peer-reviewed* studies show when human doctors are in such relationships with companies, they may *think* they aren’t biased in these companies favor, but data shows they clearly are.

    We won’t go to vets that sell food anymore. When we moved and had to find a new vet, it was one of the first questions asked about their business.

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