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Freeze-Drying & Dehydrating: There’s a Difference

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  1. T Allen

    Excellent Liane! Great description and easy to understand! Look forward to seeing more more from you!

  2. Erica

    Thank you Liane for the quick and easy to understand comparison !

  3. Batzion

    Waving hello Liane. Nice to meet you, and thank you for this info which is good as always.

  4. Lynn Utecht

    Very nice research! Looking forward to seeing more from you Liane!

  5. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Hi Liane,

    Great work. We do a cool-air dehydration process, our drying room never gets above 85 degrees. We then use dehumidifiers to remove the water from the air. It is our own process (patent pending) retains not only more nutritional value but the texture of the natural ingredients. It comes out looking like beef jerky. Dogs and even cats love it. Look forward to seeing more of your work. cheers

    1. Kathleen

      Yeah, but does amore use DENATURED meat? Yes I see it is human-grade, however, when meat leaves a USDA facility destined as pet food, it is required to be denatured with a denaturant such as charcoal or chemicals.

      1. Barbara Fellnermayr

        No, Amore only uses Human Grade meat. Most of our meats come direct from local farms. I won’t buy pet food grade meats, because they are not meat, they are leftovers. My staff and I all buy meat from the company as it is better than the meats we can buy at the grocery store. Certified organic beef, free range chicken, wild pacific salmon filets.

        1. Barbara Fellnermayr

          Hi Barbara,

          We are in Canada and don’t follow the same rules as applied by the USDA. My meats are the same as those delivered to high quality restaurants and grocery stores. The certified organic beef comes from Blue Goose Cattle Company, they even have their own abbatoir.

        2. Barbara Fellnermayr

          The reason the meat is denatured is that it is pet food grade not human grade. They want to ensure that these substandard meats don’t end up in the human food supply chain by unscrupulous meat vendors. Another reason to buy direct from the farmers!

          1. Susan Thixton

            Actually many human grade quality meat ingredients are denatured solely because they are shipped to pet food. USDA regulation requires it. Which causes a problem for consumers. USDA has thus far refused to participate in pet food regulatory discussions (with FDA and AAFCO). If we could get them into the conversation, we could perhaps stop the denaturing of human grade ingredients being sent to pet food. Condemned ingredients should be destroyed – not denatured and sent into the animal food/pet food system.

          2. Mollie Morrissette

            Actually – as long as it is human edible (not condemned and/or inedible) there is no law that requires a human edible meat or poultry product to be denatured before transporting. There would be no reason to denature a human-edible product.

            Forgive me Susan, my Mom made me answer you – she was confused…

          3. Susan Thixton

            I know you’ve read all of the USDA law – multiple times (ugh) – my response was based on information from multiple manufacturers, what’s being done to their product, what effort they have to go through to not get denatured meat.

  6. barbara m.

    Great post. These processes are something I’ve been wondering about. Maybe someday you can do one on HPP. Thanks.

    1. Barbara Fellnermayr

      I have an article on HPP for anyone that is interested. I would post it on this site but am not sure that is allowed.

      1. Lisa Southern

        I’m interested!

  7. BC Henschen

    Making us proud Liane.

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