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Fox Guarding the Hen House

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  1. Ken Kalligher

    “And no one of authority (Congress) cares to force the agency to into doing its job correctly and fairly.”
    Given the record of Congress in recent history, it should not be a surprise to anyone how little this matters. Congress is unable to manage it’s own affairs, let alone worry about the people. I have said repeatedly that the relationship FDA has with industry is troubling. If we expect consumer protection from these government regulatory agencies for human health, we are dreaming. Now, you ask, “What about our pets?” We just have to do our own homework and never mind what companies, vets and the regulatory & advisory agencies tell us. As Mollie has said, “We are not stupid.” We are not! Do your homework and rely on people like Susan and Mollie, and others for sound honest advice. Then make your own choices based on what you can afford.

    1. Pacific Sun

      I think your conclusion is inevitable and can not be denied. But I wonder what kind of state we’re in when we, as pet food consumer novices, are reduced to relying upon (literally) 2 independent, self-supporting, dedicated, experienced, and well-gifted advocates, who provide information that may indeed be saving the lives of our pets?

      1. Ken Kalligher

        Well, for one thing those independents need support! There is no question that both these ladies have faced intense criticism from the industry, regulatory agencies, and advisory groups. The number one enemy of dissent is the fear that these large entities can exert not only on the economics of doing this work, but the personal fear that can be levied. There is no question the pet food industry has had it “their way” since the industry developed. The government does many wonderful things for people, but without the “pressure” of effort, be it paid lobbyists or an indomitable spirit, focus, dedication and, in the case of Susan & Mollie, the abject love for our pets, there would be nothing in the way of these forces from just continuing to serve up the poison they continue to peddle. We all complain and write about this, but these 2 ladies are “doing” something about it. They deserve our financial support, but they need help! Change is slow, tedious and difficult, but change can happen. It happens out of the type of focus and flow these two ladies demonstrate. We need more of them, many more; then change will come, but it is uphill…all the way!

        1. Ken Kalligher

          I’m so sorry I used the phrase “abject love” incorrectly. I meant to say “profound love, but that’s what happens when we write and don’t proof read before posting. My apologies.

        2. Susan Thixton Author

          Thank you Ken!

  2. lynn

    just makes you wonder what has happend since 2007… enough to not trust pet food of any kind as no one seems to care what goes into it if no one over see’s the safety… and has no respect for our beloved fur kids then why have respect for putting money into their pockets … to kill our pets we need to make our own pet food and put each and every pet food out of business.

  3. lynn

    i meant to also say nothing is being done and they are showing how they don’t care.and, nothing is ever going to be done. they just want your money they do not care about your pets.that is why i do not ever buy pet food and i make even my fur child treats and food.i always check in as i have friends who do trust pet food ha! can’t tell some people anything even though she lost a very sweet fur child in the 2007 recall.

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