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Four Children Die Linked to a Commonly Used Pet Food Fumigant

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  1. Pacific Sun

    Oh Good Gracious!

    Anyone who’s read my comments before, knows nothing is taken lightly. For any company not able to, or unable to, explain WHY a chemical is used, and how, and what are the safeguards, shouldn’t be patronized. Period. Oh gosh, I guess that means Mars!

    I can see a Plant, Grounds and Equipment being “cleaned” and fumigated, but not food stuff. Is this a practice in facilities that produce Breakfast Cereal? If so, why and how is it not endangering human health? If not, why is there a difference in practices?

    Come on, people! Now we’re going beyond the idea of using ingredients that “aren’t so good” to using poisons around (and in) the product itself! No wonder some dogs get deathly sick (and yet there seems to be no pattern for a recall, or evidence by way of the pet’s symptoms) and yet thousands of other pets are eating that Brand without incident. Every dollar that’s spent on these conglomerates says the consumer doesn’t care enough to worry.

    Is it good enough, that at this rate, the PF Business is selling you a product that’s gambling with YOUR pet’s life??

  2. Mary

    This may explain WHY we are seeing so many dogs with cognitive disorders as they age…….just as in humans…….due to chronic exposure to and absorption of aluminum. Who could do the research?

    1. Jane Eagle

      Interesting. I have had several large dogs make it to 15 or 16 years old; all have some dementia for the last year or 2. I switched to a homemade diet 2 years ago, but that has not stopped my 16 year old from dementia. It is heartbreaking: one dog who made it to 15 hardly knew who I was for his last 6 months.
      Your theory appears to have some serious merit.

    2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Aluminum amongst MANY other TOXINS are in vaccines as well, so people & pets are constantly having their bodies & immune system annihilated w/ poison after poison, after poison. It’s a miracle anyone survives these days!

  3. Adam

    This is so sad. Not the best way to start the new year.

    I try not to feed my dog any preprocessed food anymore although it’s expensive and quite hard.

    I sincerely believe I’m able to prolong my labs life expectancy by a couple of years by having him on a balanced, healthy diet. I’ve been at it for a while and at the very least I’ve noticed him having more energy.

    /Adam – The Doggy Institute

  4. CK

    EPA info on aluminum phosphide:

    “In summary, aluminum phosphide and magnesium phosphide are
    expected to degrade rapidly in the environment to aluminum hydroxide and
    magnesium hydroxide and phosphine, the toxicant of these pesticides. It
    appears that phosphine will degrade in days and is at low risk for
    contaminating ground or surface waters. Phosphine near the soil surface is
    expected to diffuse into the atmosphere and be removed via photodegradation.
    Phosphine trapped beneath the soil surface will bind to soil, inhibiting
    movement, and be oxidized to phosphates.”

    It looks like they’re saying the phosphine will not persist in food. The reason this sad situation happened in TX is because the owners hosed down where the aluminum phosphide had been placed, thus releasing the gas. I’m no fan of big pet food, but they do have to do something about pest control or we would all be screaming about rat poop (or actual rats) in the food.

    1. Pet Owner

      Wait a sec’ …. this needs some more explaining!

      Which “owners” are you talking about. Meaning the Plant Operator who accidentally mixed water with chemical and the result contaminated a canned food!? And I’m going back to my original question (perhaps on another Thread) but why isn’t there a pesticide issue (aka a contamination danger) when producing “Dinty Moore Stew” …. but JUST around Pet Food! I think we need to look at the specifics.

  5. Laura

    Is it safe to assume that this is done to ALL pet food, or are there some companies that don’t fumigate?

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