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Final Proposed Definitions Feed Grade and Human Grade

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  1. Anthony Hepton

    Good work Susan. I am still bothered by the phrase “determined to be safe” as this can be any one of a number of agencies, FDA, CVM, AAFCO, or a state agency saying “we consider that ingredient to be safe” with absolutely no data being available for review. It will be interesting to see how those at the next meeting address their process of determining each ingredient is actually safe.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Anthony – and I agree with you. We really wanted the scientific validation to be included.

  2. Dean

    Looks good as long as 21 CFR 117 does not explicitly deny the use of product with the bone ground into it… if that is determined as ‘inedible’ and thus rejected as ‘human grade’ this would effectively eliminate most commercial raw diets from using the term… despite meeting all other criteria… IMO : ) … good work…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We need USDA to get involved in these discussions and then perhaps we can easily include bone. Currently, USDA just passes the responsibility to FDA. For you, as a manufacturer, I would suggest approaching FDA on this. Asking them to include bone (same requirements of human grade). Don’t be intimidated by them – just talk to them.

    2. Jane Eagle

      If bone becomes an issue, perhaps the label could read something like “human grade EXCEPT for the addition of ground bones” so consumers will know what we are getting. I only feed raw, and make my own, but would love to be able to purchase ready-made food that I could trust.

  3. Sarah Jane

    I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I became a member of the ATPF and receive your bulletins as they’re posted. I consider myself a very concerned consumer.

    There are millions of existing pet owners and future pet owners out there who have no idea of the impact these proposed changes will have on the lives of their animals. Great, great work.

  4. Marsha

    I agree with Sarah.

    You have fought long and hard for all of us Pet parents. I know you will continue to fight for our pets. I also agree that the USDA needs to be involved in this. I thank you for everything you do. You are one that is trying hard to make our pets live longer and have a better choice of FOOD, not FEED. superb work Susan!

  5. Cherie Holverson

    Thank you so so much for all you do for our animal babies.

  6. Nina Wolf

    What a long fight this has been – hats off to you and Dr. Jean Hovre for all your work. It isn’t nearly as condemnatory of feed grade as I know you and a lot of us would like, but it is a big step in the right direction. And you learned some valuable things along the way too. Think about how many years it has taken just to get AAFCO to let you have a real voice! You have worked so hard in the face of such overwhelming adversity, and the results keep all of our animals safer and healthier every single day. Lead on, Susan, we’ve got you back!

  7. Cheryl

    Thanks once again to all involved with this process. You have all worked so hard. I appreciate each and every update. Be blessed!

  8. Teresa

    As a new member who has been reading here for a while as a concerned pet owner, I applaud you, Susan, for the tireless work you do for our beloved pets. Agree with Nina on everything she said. This is a big step in the right direction and know you will always keep on fighting on our pets’ behalf. Thank you so much.

  9. Pat P.

    It is a really a shame that they didn’t include the statement “determined to be safe and functional through valid scientific evidence” and that they added the phrase “unless expressly permitted by the appropriate state or federal agency”–which could include almost anything.

    It seems that unless a pet food states “human grade”, I can’t/won’t even consider feeding it to my pets. It will be interesting to discover how many pet food companies, actually, include that phrase on their labels. I imagine very few. I, also, feel sorry for farm animals that can be fed almost any inappropriate garbage and toxins, and many humans then consume those poor creatures. Of course, I don’t believe in any animal consumption, other than for my cats.

    You worked hard and faced incredible frustrations, but you aren’t a miracle worker, especially, dealing with people who don’t care for animals and just want profits. Considering what you have to work with, you should be proud that you even get them to listen.

    Thanks for all you try to do and have accomplished to protect our pets.

  10. Susan Thixton Author

    Thanks to everyone.

  11. Jane Eagle

    Thank you Susan, and Dr. Jean Hovre, for all your work to protect our loved ones.
    I am currently engaged with my Congressional Rep in regards to violations by the FDA in several areas. I plan to push for de-funding this agency which we pay for and which does virtually NOTHING to protect us.

  12. Michelle

    Thank you Susan for all that you do!

  13. Gypsy

    Just have to thank you for everything you do. You cant even imagine how many people I refer to your website

  14. Janet Velenovsky

    Congratulations and thank you!! These are very important steps toward future definitions that will make us all happier.

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