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FDA’s Agenda for Sterile Raw Pet Food

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  1. Ted Bartlett

    Why not enlist the help of their Congressman or Senator?

    1. guest

      Congressmen & Senators are all paid off by big corporations. There is not an honest congressman or congresswoman anywhere, that is why they make fortunes from all the gifts of cash, products, services, trips, shopping sprees, gift card, cars, prostitutes, and the list goes on forever…

      1. Pat P.

        There are, probably, a few. I would trust Elizabeth Warren, democratic senator from Massachusetts (Harvard law professor), a fearless consumer advocate who was successful, despite major barriers, in the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She has no problem speaking out against the corruption in this country, and still keeping her job and her life. At the very least, I would believe her suggestions in how to proceed. In addition, unlike those with many abysmal animal welfare voting records (mostly the republicans, almost without exception), she has an excellent one. Seeking assistance from a state politician is futile, without a proven record of relative honesty, supporting/sponsoring legislation enacted for the citizen majority welfare and a strong record in support of animals! I would agree that most of our politicians are lacking in these areas, Sen. Warren appears to be one of the exceptions.

  2. Julie

    I’m just speechless…and pissed off. Answers is an amazing raw pet food company and they hold a very special place in my heart. When my beloved companion cat was diagnosed with renal failure and also placed on antibiotics, it was Answers that I was referred to. We started with the raw goat’s milk then transitioned to raw. Three years later, I’m looking at him, right now, finishing his raw dinner with tears of gratitude in my eyes. Also, his BUN and creatinine have been low/normal for the last two years…every blood draw. This is why I’m so extremely pissed off at the FDA.

  3. Laurie Raymond

    Thank goodness for Next Gen Association and you, Susan. It is time to start seeking some powerful allies — in Congress would be good, or how about the Consumer Protection Bureau? I’ll support this effort all I can! I sell some Answers pet food and have always considered it one of the very best raw companies.

  4. Myra Wilensky

    I’m with Laurie – what can we do? I sell Answers at my store and use it with my own dogs and absolutely love the products. Damn FDA and their desire to allow so much crap to poison our beloved pets.

  5. Dianna

    It’s been a frustrating battle but now the dander is up and it’s not going to be so easy for the FDA to squirm its nasty self out of this. Exciting times are finally on us and there’s hope thanks to Susan and Answers. And I am SO glad to see Dr. Cathy not giving up! Bravo for finding a way to continue the good fight. I will be looking forward to getting involved with Next Gen.

  6. Steve J

    If the regulators were willing to give the raw fermented milks a try in their own animals, they would see the same wonderful drug-free benefits my customers regularly tell me they see in their animals. Healthy gut = Healthy being…or at least a good foundation.

    Yes Ted, we must and will get our legislators educated on these issues. Please let us all use this silly political season to its fullest and push for sane pet nutrition regs!

    And by the way…Answers Raw Goat Milk makes a great frozen treat! Mix a batch with organic fruits and freeze in ice trays or sugar cane cups for a probiotic blast. (Ouzo loves the 50/50 blend with bone broth for its extra goodness).

    We Love Answers Pet Food!!!

  7. Marilyn Evans

    I think everyone concerned about the FDA’s beyond questionable actions with regard to both human and pet food should email their representatives and senators and demand a congressional review and censure of FDA policies and a complete overhaul of the agency. In other words, “throw the bums out”!

  8. Nina Wolf

    I can honestly say I have never met more dedicated, knowledgeable, conscientious manufacturers than Roxanne and Jaqueline of Answers. Their knowledge of their sources is without parallel, their zealotry in providing superior quality and consistency is nothing short of zealotry. For this, I love them. As a former pet store owner, I had ample opportunity to speak directly to many manufacturers. None of them comes close to Answers in terms of deep, deep commitment. They are not only manufacturers, they are advocates for all of us who want only the best whole foods for our animals. If I ate meat, I’d eat theirs. I’d never hesitate to drink their raw milk. I trust them. Thoroughly and utterly. And admire them. What do I think of the FDA, the USDA, AAFCO, and Big Pet Food? Evil. So…how can al of us support not only Answers during this crisis, but also the manufacturing association? What can we, as consumers, actively do to help?

  9. Debi Cohen

    I am going to try to find out who in Tucson sells Answers. This is so disgusting and predictable for these bullies to take something, possibly the last remaining healthy pet foods and screw with the companies that produce them, we so need a change in this country, for many reasons.

    1. Steve J

      Everyone should go to the Answers website, , click on the store locator icon, find a retailer nearby, and support this great company and its fight!

  10. Hope

    BRAVO to Answers Pet Food for fighting the needed battle with the FDA. They will need all of our support and they have mine! Thank you to all the Hills at Answers Pet Food and their associates for leading the way for other quality raw pet food companies to join in, hopefully very soon!

  11. Lynn

    “In 2009 the Inspector General’s Office chastised the FDA for “its sometimes lax adherence to its recall guidance and internal procedures”. Nine years later the agency continues to have a ‘who cares’ attitude. ”

    Shouldn’t that say Seven years later? 9+9=18.


    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Nine years since the recall is what I meant.

  12. Christine

    I think that all the raw pet food manufacturers need to hire a lawyer to file a class action law suit against the FDA and hold them accountable for this ridiculousness!

  13. Karla Gansmuller

    What the FDA doesn’t understand is that to educated pet parents, Answers has far more credibility than the FDA!

  14. liz

    FDA Apparently stands for F’n Dumb Agency

  15. Ron Gaskin

    The FDA should not allow the adulteration of our poultry with Salmonella or the added water weight to poultry. I thought that the meat inspection act of 1906 made adulterated food illegal. The poultry industry has a very well funded lobby.

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