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FDA Still Not Honest with Senator Bill Nelson

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  1. Mary Anne Latham Kennard

    Good for you! Keep at it. I appreciate your efforts ti protect my furbaby.

  2. Ann

    It seems that by now, Rubio and Nelson are aware of the game the FDA is playing and they have become complicit in it. It is great that they would get involved if they are actually helping to expedite this matter. Since that is not happening, it appears that they are part of the stonewalling campaign. Either that or they are just dumb.

    They have an opportunity right now to demonstrate with new action their true motive and intent in facilitating the consumer group interaction with the FDA. Let’s see what the senators do now.

  3. ellie

    It seems that telling lies to senators and congress is pretty common these days. The really troubling thing is they don’t seem to do anything about it. Who really holds the power in this country?

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