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FDA Double Standards

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  1. mikken

    Is this just more posturing to run the raw pet food manufacturers out of business? Because they certainly seem targeted, lately…

  2. Peter

    Thank you, for continuing to hammer away at the realities and implications of FDA “Compliance Policies.” This is one of the scandals of our modern government which so few are aware of, despite that it is public policy.

  3. Jeri

    I personally do believe the FDA has an agenda to target the raw commercial companies. Considering the CLOSE relationship they have with the PFI and their subsidiaries, it’s not at all difficult to “follow the money” and figure out why. The numbers of families feeding raw and homecooked is growing by leaps and bounds and the PFI is feeling the pinch. The saving grace of feeding raw, of course, is that regardless of how hard they try to crack down on the raw diet companies, it won’t stop savvy pet parents from raw feeding because they can always buy raw food and then feed it to their animals! There are numerous online farms where one can buy the more exotic meats if needed as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond angry that this double standard exists and it absolutely needs to be made public and the FDA needs to be called out on it publicly, but I’m not surprised. I don’t want to see the raw food companies go out of business because my older dog needs those more exotic proteins — and we will continue to support those companies (the numbers of which I personally think will proliferate, given the growing numbers of families feeding raw), but NOTHING will stop this family from feeding raw!

  4. Jeri

    I should have added that the irony in all of this is that by holding the raw companies to the higher standard, they are –inadvertently and not on purpose I’m sure — sending the message that these companies’ diets are higher in quality than the mainstream and can be trusted. The message appears to be getting out, if the reactions from the PFI of late (introducing new formulas, new marketing strategies, and trying to get their bought and paid for vet reps to lobby with the public on their behalf) is any indication. The FDA may just be doing the raw food companies a huge favor in requiring human grade meats be used. Let the public know that the same doesn’t apply to the kibble and canned pet foods and watch the fun begin!

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