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Evangers Canned Pet Food

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  1. Robert

    Do people still feed there best friends this crap, I would feed street rats with any of this food, what is wrong with you people don’t u read the news or see the news these crooks don’t care about their food just the almighty dollar

  2. Nina Wolf

    I am gobstruck by how many brands Evanger’s co-packs. Every brand we think we might be interested in carrying ends up being packed at an Evanger’s plant, so we won’t carry it. Very disappointing, and I’d think bad business for these little brands like Wild Calling and Party Animal. And yet they keep choosing these hoodlums to pack their food. I don’t get it.

    1. Liz

      just like all the stuff that is packaged at diamond plants (wellness being one of them). I won’t trust anything packaged there.

      1. Angelis

        Diamond? I feed my dog Diamond Naturals Grain-Free. She suffers on most everything else. Its been my saviour for her allergies. I’ll be beside myself if I have to look for another food that she can handle.
        Any suggestions?

        1. Pacific Sun

          The Honest Kitchen’s Force. (Grain Free, Gluten Free). See it here:
          This is a highly rated food, the company has signed the Pledge to Quality & Origin, and is made in a human grade food kitchen. Best thing about it, is you can add your own Protein, although it contains its own chicken. Be sure to check on-line, they often offer new customers coupons, special deals, and a break on shipping. (I don’t work for the company and my dogs have been on this food for years.)

          1. Angelis

            Thanks for the response. I did look it up. I have very large dogs. I think I would have to sell my house to afford it. Force – 10 lb box $79.99 & 3 1/2 cups a day it would cost well over $300 a month. I’m retired & live on a small pension. The dog food companies know how much we love our animals & they use it as extortion. Pay $$$$$$ or we’ll kill your pets.

        2. Pacific Sun

          Oh boy, DO I understand the expense, and also survive on a very limited income!! Mostly I give up protein that I would eat, by putting it into my dogs’ diets instead, but not everybody is willing to do this. To hear about the quantity needed for your companions is incredible!! My dogs are only 16lbs apiece. THK’s products can be extended. I only use it as a base, making the the 7lb box (per dog) last for about 2 months. I add cooked oatmeal, veggies, yogurt, cottage cheese, lactose-free milk, sometimes eggs, or sardines, or real meat. This is a VERY nutrient dense food, and a little goes a long way. The stools are reduced from the dry kibble food they were eating previously. So what made me worry, and the reason for the change, was due to the large amount of water they were drinking after only a 1/2 cup of dry. My older dog was beginning to bulk up. They were going through several cups at a time, and if they drank too much the stools started getting sloppy by end of day. Yet, when I switched back to a naturally moist mixture (knowing certain yogurt is very high in protein, for example) they drink a regular amount of water and stools are perfect. Both my 14 yr old and 3 yr old have huge amounts of energy, and for routine things, they always check out well at the Vet. Unfortunately I can not think of a completely no-grain kibble that I’d trust completely. But my back-up kibble (for when my dogs are fed by other people) is Nature’s Logic.The INGREDIENTS are: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Dried Egg Product, Porcine Plasma, Motmorillonite Clay, Cottage Cheese, Herring Oil, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Apple, Dried Apricot, Alfalfa Meal, Dried Artichoke, Dried Blueberry, Dried Broccoli, Dried Carrot, Dried Chicory Root, Dried Cranberry, Dried Kelp, Parsley, Dried Pumpkin, Rosemary, Dried Spinach, Dried Tomato, Egg Shell Meal. Try it. Because it has such a good reputation and pure ingredients, your larger dogs might do very well. Remember a smaller amount of more nutrient dense food goes a longer way.
          See it here:

      2. Mary

        Yes too many recalls by Diamond and the FDA cited them for many things. They make pet food grade and human grade on same lines it looked like when they were in there. I personally use Acana. Fromm is human grade also and made in USA at their own plants. Small family owned company.

    2. Peter

      It is good to see that there retailers who are aware of the issues of co-packing when the large retailers that so many consumers rely on generally can’t even recognize the terminology of pet food manufacture.

  3. Robin

    Any petfood company that offers a vegetarian diet for dogs ( Evanger’s Vegetarian diet, at a ridiculous $2.15 per 12oz can) has no business being in business because they obviously have no idea what a dog was designed to eat. There is absolutely NO excuse for pet health fraud of this

    1. Mary Sue

      I am in no way supporting Evanger’s. I stopped using their foods long ago when all the shenanagins with the company were revealed. However, ther are some dogs, mine being one, who can only be maintained on a vegetarian diet due to medical conditions. I never recommend it for healthy dogs. My dog had chronic diarrhea and vomiting and infected skin due to problems with every meat source. None of it was resolved with medication. Once I started giving her a vegetarian diet, prepared at home, she improved dramatically, though not completely. I eventually thought to try preparing a raw diet for her, which my cats were already getting, and she is a new dog. Since I started, she has had no more of her former problems. I wish I had thought of it sooner.

      1. Liz

        Shenanigans? This is the first I am hearing about this (Evangers) can someone direct me to a news article? I fed evangers canned as a supplement…

        1. Anna

          Ughhhh me too….just bought some canned for one of our cats who has become finicky. What type of goings on are we talking about?

    2. Liz

      maybe people would like to supplement with vegetarian (add veggies to the dog’s diet) by using it?

  4. Lynette

    I recycle cans and soak them for easy rinsing. I’ve noted that Evanger’s cans leave the most rust residue on my porcelain sink of any other manufacturer’s cans.

  5. Sharon

    Our store will not carry Evanger’s or any of their private labels. i.e. Wysong, Daves, Wild Calling, Party Animal, etc. What are they going to due with the rusty cans and the food contained in these cans? Redistribute?

    1. Sharon

      Furthermore, the rust has been a problem for awhile. We had a rep leave a product sample and that can had rust on it. This was probably a year and a half ago.

    2. Emma's Mom

      Probably donate it to a shelter and write it off on their taxes. Unfortunately, it’s legal and shelters are desperate for food donations. The poor animals are always the ones to suffer.

  6. Laura

    I have fed a variety of so called high end commercial wet for years i took my dogs off kibble years ago and im able to switch brands and protein sources daily but in the early summer i noticed both of them were having stool issues that were all over the place – no diarrhea but not what i like to see so i put them on freeze dried raw, and some of the mixes where you add your own meat – within 1-2 meals all of that went away – so we have been using a variety of brands – and im very happy with the results – my newer adopted dog i swear is not shedding as much and stopped being slightly itchy (no real original issue there) we also have started to add in Raw also over the last month – i do like variety

  7. Pam

    Susan, can you email me personally? I can share some info with you.

  8. Janine

    Ugh!! I just started feeding my dogs Evangers canned Rabbit and Sweet Potato. It’s the only wet food I can get them to eat and all 3 dogs need to have the added canned food to their kibble. I will check the delivery I just got today..

    1. Mary

      Just so you are aware most rabbit is imported from China.

  9. Debi

    If smoke ever did turn to fire, these people’s business would be in cinders! wow, do not buy this crap, who knows what else they have done besides all of the they have pulled in the past!!!!!!!!!

  10. Debi

    sorry, skipped a word, “tricks” between “all of the, and “have pulled”.

  11. Omar

    I bought 2 cases approximately a year ago. All the cans lids were rusting along with the label falling of at the glue seem. My cats turned there nose up to it. So we donated it to the feral cats in the neighborhood. My order of Wild Callings cat foods has the same issue rusty lids. Have opened one can. Cats response was the same “Not interested, we’ll wait for something better”. Everything was ordered from, also.

  12. Cherie Manzano

    Does anyone have a list of brands that are packed at the Evangers or Diamond plants? I hope Dave’s is not on that list. Thanks.

  13. cali

    I would also like to see a list of the brands packed at Evangers. I currently use Diamond Natural Active Kibble for my cats and like it’s ingredients and so do the cats. As far as I know Diamond has cleaned up it’s act I’m not so sure about Evangers.

  14. Sydney

    I have used Evanger’s 100% meats in very small amounts periodically for years. I just had a 4 month old get very, very, very sick. I have switched to Ziwi Peak meats.

    Anyone have any bad info on Ziwi Peak meats?

  15. Riva Haas

    Cherie, Evangers does private label for Party Animal, Wild Calling, some Weruva, Great Life and their own brand Against the Grain.

  16. Riva Haas

    Until these companies open up and prove where they source their ingredients from. Who is going to believe what ingredients are put in the cans of a company that is charged of a federal crime, stealing gas and water to the turn of millions, not just at their plant but also their home and anyone that gets their food made there, does not care about the honesty of the company that is making the food. I definitely would not trust pet’s health to anything that comes out of that plant. Feeding straight rabbit organ meat etc. is quite different than feeding actual meat to cats especially.

  17. cookielu1999

    Just a month ago I returned two cans of Evanger’s Chicken Licken’ Dinner to my local retailer because the tops were swollen and I was afraid of contamination.
    Wysong cans are also often rusty. Rabbit is from China!? Is there really any pet food out there that doesn’t have some bad issue!? Seems like we are left to choose from the lesser of evils if raw or home-cooked is not an option.

    1. Riva Haas

      Do you have information that rabbit is imported from China. It has been said that fur on the clothing coming from China has dyed dog and cat fur on it. These companies that advertise Pheasant and Bison. Where is there an on going supply of that. There just is not enough out there. I guess it is time to see the paperwork of the source of ingredients. So if someone says Bison, is that just intestines, and again bones, organ meat. If that is the case then feeding straight organ meat is not a good idea. Pheasant continual source just boggles my mind.

  18. CC

    People don’t realise that, if not for pet food in general, where would all the waste which would *otherwise* be over-flowing in landfills, go?

    They are ALL making obscenly crazy profits from the waste behind groceries, shelters, you-name-it which we think the “Garbage Man” picks up.

    Another example: Ever wonder why just about every “decent” cat food has to be laden with fish, when fish isn’t species-appropriate food for them? Because it reeks, and will mask by its very smell all the garbage therein, which no landfill is vast enough to hold. It’s the same thing. Profit all the more from whatever is cheapest to produce…

    And go ahead and try to tell somebody that fish isn’t a healthy diet for cats, and you’ll get laughed at, because people have been brainwashed by all the advertising and gimmicks for so long.

  19. Jay Smith

    The word in the industry (human food) is that Del Monte is getting out of the canned food business, because they see it as an industry in decline. Instead, they’ll focus on their *pet food* business.

    It’s clear that humans are already moving away from canned foods, as the reality grows that whole, unprocessed foods are the best answer to the question of what’s complicating chronic health issues around the world, but especially in the U.S.

    And, if there were only one thing we could post here that we’ve discovered as a result of our now 4+year long trek into the workings of the dog and cat food industry, that we could share with everyone who loves, cares for, and shares their lives with dogs (and cats) it would be this: please prepare to shift your own understanding about what dogs and cats need to consume as food in order to stay healthy and live long, happy lives.

    Try to prepare to think only in terms of food like the food that you eat yourself or better. Then, demand nothing less for your companions with four legs. It’s our firm belief that only then will we start to see improvements in the total, overall deep and wide health of our companion animals.

    Food for animals isn’t rocket science. It’s really quite simple. And those who try to keep the process of feeding your dog or cat complicated very likely have some self-interest in doing so.

    Please re-read that last sentence.

    No processed, dehydrated, canned, bagged or boxed food is capable of coming close to the complex nutrition that the bodies of most mammals on earth have adapted to consume. So, when we feed them an alternative that’s been dehydrated, removing the water at its natural pH presence (which can never be restored to its original state because you can’t get water back into a cell,) or when we process a food so it’s easier to handle or more convenient to mix or measure, we change that food so drastically that little bodies have to work harder to use it, or to try to assimilate it quickly enough without eventually becoming ill.

    And, whole, unprocessed, naturally hydrated (as opposed to dehydrated) food is the best multivitamin your dog or cat could ever consume. Food, in variety, even with all comprehension of diminishing nutrient value over the past several decades, is still the best source of usable vitamins and most minerals available for mammals today.

    Food.. unprocessed, whole, unspoiled, and as untouched by human intervention as possible FOOD, is what mammals need to eat to stay healthy.

    As a culture, our marketing indoctrinations have been so thorough, for so long, that many of us cannot even contemplate the suggestion that food not from a can, box or bag is could be better for dogs, cats — and humans — than anything that’s available today to be sold by the largest names in the industry. Making it complete with bones, vegetables and fruit isn’t so complex that nobody but a pet food company can get it right. Trust me — it isn’t. Even the food that we spend so much time getting right we regard largely as a convenience for people with busy lives, because its preparation can be time-consuming.

    Please consider the need for this shift as a partial explanation about why we see such incessant and complex problems in the pet food industry. The companion lives in your family deserve food.

    1. Pacific Sun

      What you so kindly took so much time to express and share with us, is truly appreciated. New truth is always a challenge to adapt to, but the secret to progress is being open minded! I am ready for the next step, and sent you a question via your website email page. I look forward to your response. Thank you for all that you contribute! We are very lucky to have you as a TAPF contributor, along with Susan, Mollie and their own experts as well!!

  20. Judi

    What are your thoughts (knowledge) relating to ACANA duck/pear kibble, a Canadian product?

    1. Kristine Hefner

      Love this product .. Be on the lookout for their new singles coming and also U.S. kitchens

  21. Joan

    I hear other online retailer’s are still gladly selling the rusted cans.

    1. Judi

      I purchased three cans from Evander on Sunday October 12, 2013 at Jack’s Pet Supply in Canal Winchester, Ohio

  22. Colie

    I have been feeding my dog Evanger’s sweet potato and hunk of Beef for years. My dogs wont eat anything else. Rust isn’t effecting the food. And I wouldn’t feed my pets anything that is made overseas. From what I know, Evanger’s is one of the only that still make their food in the states. As long as my dog is happy, I am too

    1. Reader

      Hi Colie. I would encourage you to try Nature’s Logic. Read more about it here: No synthetic Vitamins & Minerals. A very hands-on company that receives good reviews and has returned the Pledge to Quality & Origin. To get your dogs started on a “new” food, since some are creatures of habit, try adding a little ground up cooked liver, or braised beef chunks. They make both wet and dry food. I believe you can call the company directly for help with distribution and sometimes a pet supply store needs to order it. But it’s well worth the effort. (I do not work for the company).
      Unfortunately it goes a little deeper than “just” rust on cans with Evanagers. I used to be a big fan of their kibble (perfect stools, liked the sweet potato & fish, the canned dinners looked yummy). Too bad they spend more effort on their slick packaging,mylar bags, and beautiful labels, rather than on content and transparency. They’ve been in the News for other reasons, but also under FDA’s reveiw for the PF. They are not very customer friendly when they perceive suspicion about their products and are questioned. You have to wonder, if rust on cans isn’t an issue with so many other companies, then why does it persist (which it does) with Evangers? I really wish they were everything that they seem to be at first glance. It’s a very accessible PF.

      1. Colie

        Thank you but I prefer to deal with a company that makes their own can food. Also, they are certified kosher and inspected by the EU. Honestly, I think if they are inspected and pass and are Kosher, you cant really get past anything with those guys. So for now, I am sticking with Evangers but thank you for the information.

  23. Jolie Cosette

    I feed my cats primarily raw, but I do add approx. 200 calories (20%) of canned food to their slop, particularly if I have a really fatty duck.

    I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot make my canned food decision based on co-packers. Otherwise, I would be left with nothing. Iams? Purina? Not in my house.

    It’s easy to figure out Wild Calling’s ME/dry matter analyses based on their guaranteed analysis and calorie count. When I see a 5.5 oz. can with calories over 200, a guaranteed analysis that equals 100, and no carbs or short-chain fats, I know I’m looking at meat.

    What I don’t understand about Wild Calling is their re-labeling. Jeremy says the formula isn’t changing but they’re substituting “yeast culture” for “brewers yeast.” He says it’s like yogurt culture. I don’t know what this means.

    1. Pacific Sun

      I don’t know what the slight ingredient change impacts your cats’ reaction to an altered formula. But somebody asked the difference between brewers yeast and yeast culture. Here’s the response via the link at

      Can you tell me the difference between brewer’s yeast and yeast culture; and how they differ from the type of yeast that that makes up a yeast overgrowth?” “Brewers yeast and nutritional yeast are made from the same strain of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but are grown on different mediums. Brewers yeast is a by-product from the brewing industry and is said to have a bitter or “yeasty” taste. Nutritional yeast is often grown on molasses and is described to have a nutty or cheesy taste. Depending on what they are grown on will vary the nutritional content of the final product to a degree. The yeast in these products are deactivate (killed) so they can not colonize the system.

      It is my understanding that it is the deactivation process that frees the amino acids and creates the MSG like issues in these supplements. Fermentation, which is what the yeast does to the sugar mediums they are grown on, also creates some freed glutamic and aspartic acids. I think the amounts are relatively small but because freed glutamic and aspartic acids bioaccumulate, when added to other sources it definitely could be enough to cause illness. For those that are sensitive to MSG or aspartame, I would avoid nutritional and brewers yeasts.

      There are also a few types of yeast that are considered probiotics Saccromyces boulardi is one and can be found in some probiotic products. Saccromyces is a “non-colonizing” yeast.

      Candida yeast is the type that are normal to the colon and can grow out of proportion when the good bacteria are not in correct proportion.

      There is another type of yeast, Malassezia, that grows on a dogs skin when the immune system is not up to par. I beleive Malassezia can infect the ears as well.”

  24. Sharon Mathie

    I have been feeding my 3 cats Wild Calling for several months. Like so many others, I spent a lot of time researching cat food. In Wild Calling I found a quality meat based diet, BPA and carrageenan free, very low carbs, no fillers/grain. I have had a hard time finding review information about this company. What seems to have limited its use is their use of the Evangers packing plant and last years rust issue. Note: most of their product is not packed at Evangers – rather at American Nutrition. All 3 of my cats love this food (except for the rather bland chicken) and my cat with IBD that lost a lot of weight is gaining weight and thriving. I am sharing this information from October 2013 from another forum for your consideration.

    ” I had two concerns I asked them about:

    1. There was rust on top rim some of the cans (I’ve seen other unrelated brands have it too so I was sort of curious what the deal is with it in general)
    2. Using Evangers canning facilities. (I also wanted to let them know that it seemed like a lot of people wanted to like their product but couldn’t get past the Evangers concerns.)

    Here’s what they responded with. For reference, they actually use another facility at American Nutrition more than Evangers. I just wanted to share because it alleviated my concerns. This response was from their executive VP.

    “Rust can occur on cans from any facility because of the manufacturing process. Cans are packed and then cooked inside a huge vat of steam and water. As such, when the can comes out it must be dried. During humid and hot seasons rust can occur. We have had rust issues at both American Nutrition and Evanger’s but they have both instituted additional measures to prevent rust from forming. We are working with both our co-packers, our logistics companies and warehouses to get this issue resolved. We are almost to a point where our entire supply chain has corrected the issue and rust should not be an issue as we exhaust current inventory and move into newer inventory of product. I can assure you the rust is cosmetic damage and does not impact the quality of the product. In most cases, if you wipe the rust it will come off the can.
    As for Evanger’s, we have instituted strict quality standards with all co-packers. We source the ingredients to their facility and conduct random sample testing on all products. To date, we have not had any issues with the quality of product produced at Evanger’s. I can certainly understand people’s concern with Evanger’s as they have been accused of personal deficiencies, but think it is off base to believe this impacts the quality of product they produce. They have worked very close with the us, the FDA and other regulatory bodies to ensure their products are of utmost quality. We have produced over 1MM cans at Evanger’s without any issues. Further, the agreement we have in place with our co-packers places additional standards on them that they have upheld with the highest standards of certainty. We are also very excited that they are moving into a new state of the art facility that they are hoping will be Leeds certified.
    As of current, a large percentage of our product is now being produced by American Nutrition. Evanger’s remains a trusted co-packer but American Nutrition is helping to meet the demand for our product so they currently produce a large percentage of product which people seem to ignore.
    Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope this helps!”

    I know so many people want the very best for their cats. It just seems like there is always a trade off. I have opted to take a chance and trust this company as their nutritional contents meet my cats needs. My other choices were to feed them lesser quality ingredients, higher carbs, higher fat or with inappropriate additives from companies that have large followings. It seems there is an extremely short list of excellent foods. If you are on the fence, give it a try.

  25. Susan

    I, too, have been feeding alot of Wild Calling to our rescue cats. We have a diabetic who needs to have high protein, no grain, & preferably very low carb food. Wild Calling has told me their canned cat foods contain less than 2% carbs, which works for our diabetic very well. I feed the other rescues the same as much as possible to avoid accidental ‘carb overdose’ by the diabetic stealing other cats’ food!

    I also like Wild Calling because (1) it is one of the few hi-protein, low-carb canned foods that have NO CARAGEENAN, which is very important. We have had IBS cats & carageenan seems to be an issue. It’s controversial, to say the least. It also has no menadione, no fish, and the cans are BPA free. They also claim all their ingredients are USA-sourced. I just emailed them to see if this includes their rabbit. lastly, ALL our rescue cats (8) really like it.

    The only other canned food that gets the same response from all our cats is is Whole Foods canned chicken in gravy. From what I’ve read, WF doesn’t share their ingredient sources, which is deplorable, so I will be checking into that. But – for the price (.90/can if buying by the case), NO CARAGEENAN, no menadione, BPA-free cans, no fish, and that all the cats like it, it has proved a great supplemental food so far.

    The only dry food (I only feed dry as a last resort or as a supplemental ‘treat’) is EVO since NV changed the protein content of their Instinct Boost Chicken formula. EVO has the lowest carb content our there. Former;ly we were feeding Fromm, which I love, but it is WAAAAY too high in carb content, sadly. I have been reluctant to use EVO because of the Diamond connection, but am at a loss to find an affordable dry food to supplement.
    Any suggestions, anyone?

    I did find Vital Essentials dried raw (ingredients: ground chicken with bone, chicken heart, chicken liver, boneless skinless chicken breast, raw organic goat’s milk, raw organic apple cider vinegar, herring oil, mixed tocopherols, d-alpha tocopherol) A 10-pound cat would get 1/2 cup saoked in water daily. But it’s too expensive at $16.99 / 8 oz @ less any discount, so it remains in the ‘treat” category.

    I will look into nature’s logic again, but when I tried their canned cat food a few years ago, I couldn’t get past the smell. And only about 1/2 of our cats would eat it. My husband complained of the smell whenever I opened a can that the kitchen reeked, so I stopped using it & donated the remaining cans to the Humane Society. Maybe if they have a dry food the odor is less offensive and more palatable?

  26. […] chicken legs that had not been removed before processing. There may or may not have been another silent recall in 2013 because of rusty cans. The company denies it but circumstances might suggest otherwise. The […]

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