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Diggin’ Your Dog Recalls Strippin’ Chicks Pet Treats Distributed in Colorado and Nevada Due to Possible Salmonella Hazard

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  1. Donna

    I’m not trying to minimize the danger of salmonella by any means and this has been bugging me for a long time, but I just do not understand the FDA’s all-out quest to recall products that do/may contain salmonella when they won’t deal with the toxic Chinese products issue. Maybe they think it makes them look diligent? Yes, salmonella isn’t pretty, my hubby got it from a fast-food restaurant once, but the bottom line is: a healthy dog has extremely strong stomach acid, much moreso than humans, that takes care of salmonella – or else raw fed dogs would never survive that first raw meal. I have made my own chicken jerky from antibiotic/hormone-free chicken for years and I’m sure it contains salmonella but my dogs are still healthy and happy and I know how to wash my hands. Humans handling the strips and not washing afterward is no different than me sticking my fingers in my mouth while fixing our chicken for dinner…why would you not wash? Does the FDA think that we are really that stupid?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I agree with you Donna. My feeling as to why the FDA is being so diligent on Salmonella and little else – Salmonella can kill humans. They really don’t care so much what happens to pets – they care what happens to humans. The FDA has done nothing to get the many other private label brands of Chinese jerky treats – made in the same plants (in China) that illegal drug residues were found in (I compiled them a list plus they received all this information from their inspections in April 2012). It’s “selective enforcement” – it’s ridiculous.

      1. Donna

        As awful as this sounds, once the powers that be decide allow Chinese chicken for human consumption into this country (I just can’t see them saying ‘no’ to it and I hope I’m wrong) and humans start getting sick from the drug residues and whatever else it may contain maybe, MAYBE they will be forced to do something.

        1. Carryn

          I know it is very scary what they are putting in our foods. Everything should have to be labeled. And it is not only coming from other countries, though I don’t know why we need chicken from China or any other country. I see that a lot of food is not labeled if it is from another country. We should be told!

          I really fear the Aspartame getting into our milk products. I cannot see the FDA passing it because of the danger it poses to people like me, who have very bad reactions to it.

          I fear if the possibility is there that money can buy anything. Will we be told if it is passed?

      2. Carryn

        Please forgive me, but I think that everything from China and other countries should be taken off our shelves. We can’t be protected because they do not have the same standards and they do not care. Now I realize that some countries like the UK do not allow somethings on their shelves the the US because of dangers that it could pose to consumers. But other countries like China, Taiwan, Mexico, Columbia, why do we need to have anything from them for our pets! Stores should start to step up and stop selling them. People have to know the danger and care a bit about people and pets.

        Sorry for my interruption, I just don’t get it. I know after the recall on the Oinkers, Walmart still had them on the shelves. Just don’t get it.

  2. Peter

    Interesting that the means of discovering the contamination are not identified, just that the sample was “obtained” in CO.

  3. […] Diggin’ Your Dog Recalls Strippin’ Chicks Pet Treats Distributed in Colorado and Nevada Susan Thixton – Diggin’ Your Dog™ announced today that they are voluntarily withdrawing one lot of its Strippin’ Chicks™ Pet Treats produced on 8-30-12 because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. […]

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