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Did Smucker’s Know?

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  1. Sharon

    So terribly sad. justice should be done

  2. Noreen Nugeness

    Why would Smuckers knowingly sell dog food with Pentobarbital in it and risk the lives of all these precious family members? They should be ashamed of themselves since they’ve been in business for so many years selling Jellies and Jams, etc. I won’t be buying any of their products anymore.

  3. Pauline Salinas

    To get that much contaminated ingredients, it would have to be in the food sorce they were buying. Meat biproduct. Animals that had been put down with the drug. I lost 2 dogs when this all started. The vet didnt know then and I wasnt aware of what they (the pet food indusry) were doing. I trusted the ingredients were good. I read the labels. My dogs Auggie and Inca died horrible deaths. And my other dog was aleady on PB and then he was getting more the vet waned to know if I was giving him more than prescribed. If I knew then what I know now. When I was ready I adopted a stray he checked out ok then a few months after eating the dog foods in question he became ill on the pet foods. . I was switching his foods and still having problems then he started having seizures. Its a shamed what this world has come to , when the producer of a trusted brand lies to thier customer all for the mighty dollar.

  4. Jill

    this is why I cook for my dog. She eats the same food I eat or feed to my family. I rarely even buy dog treats anymore.

  5. marlene salter

    oh they sleep just fine because the key word is money & they are making lots of it & they don’t think they will ever get caught & if it were not for people like you Susan they probably would not get caught. Bless you for all you do

  6. Roxanne

    Shame on you Smuckers!!!!!

  7. Andi

    I wonder the same thing – how do they sleep? Lots of good people in this world but also lots of greedy and selfish ones who will do anything for money. Keep fighting the good fight Susan!!

  8. Pet Owner

    This is an article that every single pet owner should read, who doesn’t home cook or feed raw. This is the crystal clear problem …. simple to understand, though hard to believe. Which is, the Industry and the Government doesn’t care. End of subject.

  9. kb

    I don’t even know what to say.

    I hope a national news outlet picks up this story.

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