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Day Two AAFCO Meeting

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  1. Anita

    It’s always “about the money”….they lose sight of why we need the products. Do the “right thing” and the money will come.

  2. Lori S.

    Thank you for going and for reporting. These reports are extremely informative and I am really glad that you and Dr. Hofve are there!

    I was wondering if you attended any of the livestock feed meetings and if anything in those might have impacts on pet food (since pets are fed livestock).

    Thanks again for going!

  3. Holly

    It’s interesting that with the William Burkholder, DVM, PhD in attendance and a discussion of the professional evidence of pet nutritional requirements that manufacturing pushback would be acceptable in any way. He also could have brought up the documented professional literature regarding the “treat, cure, etc.” issues touted by Hill’s over their Y/D product for supposed treatment of hyperthyroidism in felines. It is apparent to me for some period of time and now documented by your attendance notes, that many attendee corporate representatives have no veterinary or human healthcare or nutritional knowledge except as it exists from their purported “veterinarian on staff.” The latter I’ve confirmed are often paid consultants on formula definition and are certainly not all Board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. I’m not one to compliment our broken FDA as a human healthcare provider, however I remain concerned that our pet food products remain outside the control of the FDA in terms of ingredients sourcing, formulas, processing, labeling and kcal statements. The idea that manufacturing processing inspections are enough and limited at that is just unconscionable. It’s all about the lobbyists and “follow the money.”

    Thank you for your continuing efforts and what is perceived by many as an unsurmountable issue.

  4. Christopher

    Any chance listing the two companies that complained about formulating their foods? Those are two companies that I’d like to make sure my store does not do business with (chances are we don’t, but still, this is not the attitude I want from the people making the food I sell.)

  5. Leigh-Ann

    I’m creating a website which gathers all the studies showing the dangers of excessive vitamin d supplementation in canned cat food. I mention this because it relates to the dangers of hypercalcemia (vitamin d toxicosis leads to excessive free calcium), and it’s somewhat encouraging to know that the AAFCO does occasionally listen. I lost most of my cats to vitamin D poisoning from canned food, excessive vitamin d has been linked to FORLS and long term kidney damage, and I really think the current AAFCO guidelines for its use are far too broad and boardering on naive. I won’t rest until I see the use of vitamin d in cat food greatly reduced, so yes, I’d love to see you in New Orleans next year.

    1. Tammy Baugh

      I never realized too much Vit D was a bad thing for cats. I did know too much Calcium is. Very possibly it’s actually both that is a high cause of Kidney damage in cats. I avoid too high Calcium weather it’s bagged canned or whatever it is for my cats.

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