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Counterfeit Orijen Pet Food found in China

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  1. Hope

    Thank you Susan for being such a timely truth seeker! While this is not surprising it is sad for the pets that may have eaten these counterfeit products. I admire Champion Pet Foods for being on top of the issue.

  2. Regina

    O-Kaaay! So the Chinese are not just providing Americans with counterfeit products, they’re doing it to their own people, too???

    Just one more reason to avoid ANYTHING from China.

    1. Dianne

      They certainly do. Were you aware of the recent disaster in which melamine had been added to baby formula? If some people don’t care about the quality of products they produce for their own children, can they possibly care about what they make for our pets? As a Canadian, I am totally embarrassed that Harper signed a trade pact with China. He must have known it wouldn’t be popular since he tried to pass it in secret.

      1. Marie

        I did not know that about baby formula. OMG. Maybe that will cause more of an uproar over all of what they’re doing to our loved ones’ food! I’m stunned. Sometimes it takes humans, especially children, getting hurt before they take animal abuse seriously, and what they’re doing to the pet food is animal abuse in my book.

        1. Regina

          Oh, I was being rhetorical!!!

          I had heard about the melamine in baby formula. Not much of an uproar though!!!

          It just seems like people just don’t care anymore! We have a small minority who are screaming into the void about this (and other horrors) but not enough people care, so things just get scarier and scarier (oh, and more deadly!!!!!)

          1. Terri Janson

            I believe the Chinese man responsible for the melamine in the baby formula committed suicide as well.

          2. Marie

            Oh, rhetorical! 🙂 Yes, I’ve noticed too that people don’t seem to care. I literally cannot understand that mentality, not caring. It’s like a giving up, resignation to the “powers that be.” Thank God for us fighters and our amazing advocates! I saw a woman with Blue Buffalo in her cart and told her about the lawsuit and their admission of lying on the label. So what did she do? She read the label and told me it wasn’t so. I had to repeat myself, “no, they are lying, and they’ve admitted it.” Hard to get that to sink in. There are people who don’t know and people who don’t care, and it’s the latter that should be spayed and neutered. 🙂 Sorry – my bad.

          3. Marie

            Oh my! That’s sad. I’m sure there was more going on with him. Not sorry to hear it though – I know I should be. People who do harm do not need to be here – my 2 cents.

  3. Marie

    Scary! Is there any reason to be concerned here in the US?

  4. Nicole

    My dog has been eating Origen regional for a long time. Suddenly maybe a month or so ago he won’t touch it. Not even if it has a burger and fries on top. He is old. 100lbs and 15 and has cancer so I thought it was a failing. But he will eat raw, freeze dried, home cooked other kibble anything but that. He will not touch that kibble no matter what. I have no idea if this is counterfeit and he sensed it was bad or he is just not wanting it but I still have the bag if anyone is interested.

    1. Regina

      Nicole, it’s possible that there might have been a small “recipe change” ??? that your dog noticed. I would contact the company and ask.

    2. Kenneth

      If they notice something off and don’t want to eat it, they are not stupid.

      Millions of years of evolution has imprinted stuff like this, just like yourself. You know if there’s something “off” when you are about to eat something, smell, taste funny, something is not right.. you trust your nose and taste, your pet does the same.

      Your pet don’t want to eat it because “change” could mean it might be dangerous, trust your pet to tell you something is not as it was.

      If there’s a recipe change, I would expect it to be written on the package, full disclosure, or they are just another company you can’t trust with your loved ones.

      1. Nicole

        I checked the website and checked my bag according to the instructions. There are no typos on the bag or an invalid appearing sticker. It could be that my very old and ill dog just lost his taste for it. I don’t want to create an alarm just because he will not go near it even with his favorite food in it, pizza, steak etc. Its just weird. I am sticking to raw and home cooked.

        1. Marie

          Very good! That’s what I did too and just replied – we were probably doing the same thing at the same time! 🙂

    3. Marie

      I just talked to Champion Pet Foods and was directed to the icon on their site on how to tell if your food is authentic. They said that if we’re not in China that our Orijen is okay. You can check your bag if you want to be sure, as there are many misspellings and periods where commas ought to be on the counterfeit bags. It’s all in that link with the icon Counterfeit in China, and I mention this because I clicked on what looked to be their website but clearly is not! There’s no icon for one thing, so maybe it’s a fraudulent site. Also, the correct English label has been changed slightly from what’s on their site, and Champion confirmed they’ve done some rewording – essentially the same message. Very easy to tell that the Chinese have no clue about English spelling and punctuation.

    4. Laurie Raymond

      Nicole, as a retailer who has sold Orijen (which, with Acana and Nature’s Logic are the ONLY kibble brands I carry, because I can vouch for the quality) I suggest you give your bag the sniff test. Because Orijen is preserved with natural preservatives, the good quality fragile fats and oils will go “off” in high temperatures, or when stored in plastic bins. It’s tempting to buy big bags because it is so much lower cost per pound, but especially in summer, you don’t want to subject it to high temps for very long. I wouldn’t buy more than a two week supply, and I’d try to keep it at below 70 degrees F. That said, I would never recommend feeding an old dog kibble — even the best is hard on the aging GI tract that is slowing down. All kibble digests slowly (one of its main drawbacks, imho,) increasing susceptibility to many problems. You can’t go wrong with home made, as long as you incorporate variety and get your minerals right.

  5. Kenneth

    Just don’t buy anything that originates from China unless it’s some cheap electronics you can’t avoid for economic reasons.

    Anything else, stay far far away from these people, they don’t seem to value life.

    China MO is… if money can be made do it, who cares about living things, pets or humans, laws or common decency.

    Anything from China either whole or in parts should have a mandatory big red sticker on the front so it can be avoided by people who care.

  6. Ted Bartlett

    I asked Milk Bone if there was any Chinese content in their “good morning daily vitamin treats”. No reply!

  7. Marsha

    I have found over the years that if you have been buying r\the same dog food for a long time and the bag changes…..CHECK THE INGREDIENTS ON THE BAG!!!!You will find that either ingredients have changed or been added. They always change the bag. I will not go into which ones have changed over the years but
    I do not buy any of them anymore. Most of the time they add fillers…. such as dried beet pulp.

    1. Kenneth

      That’s what I did back when I wasn’t feeding raw.

      Snap a mobile phone photo of the back of the can or cut out the back of an empty bag and keep it, check it every time you buy the same brand again so you don’t have to go through and calculate carb % etc.. from the guaranteed analysis every time.

      I should have kept em’ all in a scrap book, it would probably look like a steady decline of quality for most brands 🙁

      1. Marie

        That’s a great idea and a very good experiment – label scrapbook!

        1. Regina

          not only pictures of labels, pictures of the actual food also!!! Then you can see if anything changes there, as sometimes, the label change is not done as soon as the recipe changes (they get to use up the rest of their old bags and labels)

          1. Marie

            That’s a great idea! I didn’t even think of them being allowed to use up their old packaging. I wonder when/if Blue Buffalo will use accurate labeling. Not holding my breath but don’t feed that anyway. I can’t believe they’re still in business – loss of trust. I’ll be starting a food photo album! But I still trust Champion Pet Foods. These days, doesn’t hurt to keep a sharp eye out! 🙂

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