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Changing My Attitude

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  1. Jeannief

    Loved this. Made me laugh.

  2. Chris

    HA! Almost hit the unsubscribe button for a second.

  3. Ian

    ROTFL. OMG. SO FUNNY. That being said, I actually was curious if you had found a new type of attitude. I’m dabbling in some Buddhist lectures right now (Pema Chodron’s “Freedom to Choose Something Different” on Udemy) and there seems to be something productive there about the concept of taking emotion out of confrontations… ? If you ever feel like you need a fresh approach check it out. As always, thanks for all you do for the health of our nation’s pets.

  4. Chris

    I thought it was Aprils Fools again. You go girl. Thanks for all you do for our pets.

  5. Holly

    You crack me the hell up! I just wish the subject wasn’t so serious.

  6. Diana

    Hahahaha! The biggest fine is for using ‘comic sans’…….

  7. Linda

    You tell ‘me girl! Dig in.

  8. Batzion

    So funny! Your announcement scared me at first. Love the lighting and applause! How could you pull that off with a straight face? I would have been on the floor laughing.

  9. Mary fischle

    You not only changed your attitude, you finally made us smile over pet food!

  10. Lauren

    Ha! Had me worried there. Keep fighting the good fight. You shall overcome!

  11. Dianne

    The people checking the font size probably think that someone else is checking the quality.

  12. james gearhart

    Susan, that was GREAT When I 1st saw the title, thought for a second or two “wonder if this is tongue-in-cheek” And it was- lol Thanks again for all you do for our furry best friends

  13. Joanne Carlson

    Font size? Surely you jest. Probably paying FDA employees millions of dollars a year to safeguard our food and that of our pets and they are checking font size……What a racket and in the meantime, more dogs and cats are leaving us to go to the Bridge from unsafe food.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Actually no – I’m not kidding. Every pet food label is closely scrutinized once a year – and font size is one of the things they are very strict on. They all ignore law and allow pet food to contain diseased animals – but font, they check. Not kidding.

  14. Sandy Short

    Oh my gosh you had me going there! A little humor in the midst of such a serious mess… We need you to remain just as you are dear Susan- our pet food safety avdocate. Thank you for all you do.

  15. TJF

    HA ! You almost had me there, Susan! LOL ! Don’t ever quit fighting, Susan…..we are all behind you. And its nice to see a video of you, putting a name to a face.

  16. Greg Swann

    Had me going there, for a second. ; )
    Without you, Susan…………..I don’t know where we would be. Uninformed and deceived, most likely. Makes me ashamed to work for the Feds, although I’m no way affiliated with the FDA or pet food regulatory so-called “authorities”.
    And we ARE all behind you!

  17. Michelle

    Wow! I got nervous for a minute. This is SO NOT FUNNY! The FDA needs to be stopped. They are such a JOKE. Not only are they accessory to poisoning our fur babies but they are also allowing us to be poisoned by all of the GMO’s and crap in our food. Other than money what are they getting from this??? I really don’t understand. How do we fix this???

    1. Jude

      Other than money, you ask. Power over others, as in “the powers that be.” Power and money can easily corrupt those who lack integrity; it can tempt even those with integrity, but the latter refuse to lower themselves to become common thieves, as the former does.

      Our government system is broken. The best the people can do is elect honest people who faithfully represent the people to the best of their ability.

    2. CK

      I’d worry less about GMOs and more about the lack of effective regulation of the meat industry, for one. Much more dangerous to our (and our pets’) health. Their budgets get cut more and more because “regulations bad!” and they’re supposed to police this huge industry with fewer resources and inspectors. But all people see are the ensuing problems and conclude the whole regulatory agency must be on the take rather than recognizing the issues that led up to where we are now, most notably the trend toward less regulation and less funding for regulatory agencies.

  18. Jude

    And fight like hell for laws to be enforced and become a great force that cannot be denied.

  19. snowball

    Font size for the lies….extra large. Font size for the ingredients and nutritional breakdown…super small, almost microscopic. Nice try, I carry a magnifying glass.

  20. Robin

    I feel so much better knowing my dogs are protected from inadequate font sizes. My tax dollars at work……

  21. Gitta

    Hate to rain on the font parade but with all those wonderful free trade agreements out there – I’m sure it is just a matter of time when one of those trade partners complains that these font enforcers are cutting into their profits. Fonts will go the way of the country of origin on beef.

    We will have a lot of unemployed font checkers.

  22. Joan Johnston

    How does the FDA benefit by ignoring companies who break their laws? Is it just one person at the top doing this? Or is it a conspiracy? Is it laziness? Is somebody getting paid off? Is there any political people we can support? I written to all of them in my state. All I’ve gotten back are form letters.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      With the illegal ingredients – it is my guess that the reason this material (diseased animals/dead non-slaughtered animals) are dumped into pet food is because of the risk of land-filling this material. Dead animals are a serious risk to human health. So…FDA ignores law (again my guess) and allows this ‘stuff’ to be rendered and put in pet food as a disposal method. I am trying to attack this one state at a time – starting with my own state of Florida. I do have the assistance of Florida Congressman David Jolly and state Senator Jack Latvala. Florida Department of Agriculture does not want to talk about law being ignored, but these elected officials (their staff) are helping me push Florida to have the discussion. Florida is one of the 14 states that have state laws that deem diseased or non-slaughtered animal material as adulterated (just like federal law).
      With the form-letters – I think the problem is that those we write don’t understand. It’s hard to believe that FDA and each state is ignoring law – even though its true – so I think they brush the issue off with a form letter. They don’t want to understand – don’t believe it to begin with. If you can get your state to at least have the discussion, I will be more than glad to speak with them. But as with my state Florida – even getting the discussion to happen isn’t easy.

  23. Di

    I thought you went over to the dark side!

  24. Marge

    Those of us who practice daily journalism usually make like cowboys and keep our eyes on the horizon for what’s coming next.
    But sometimes, one of us has to double back to check on something behind us that was left with too many questions.
    Failure to defend the truth only empower the lie.
    Thank you Susan!!

  25. Jo Singer

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this post! I can just see a label on a can of cat food with a purrfectly mandated font size that reads:

    Contents: Hearty chunks of meat from euthanized animals 60%, Euth chemicals, and whatever else we can fit into the can to make up the missing 40%. This is FDA approved meat and is highly nutritious for all pets!

  26. moviezombie


  27. Lewis Turner

    Very simply ….. one of your best videos!!!! Posting on my LinkedIn … per usual

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