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Castor & Pollux Founders back in the Pet Food Biz

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  1. joyce richey

    I bought a bag of Castor and Pullux Organix cat food, and I am returning today because not one of my six cats would eat it. They smelled and walked away, I even tried leaving it out and giving them nothing else, still did not touch it. So, back to Wellness, even though their prices have gotten so high.

    Thanks to your good work..Have you heard of I and Love and You Nude cat food? May try it..

    1. anita

      Wow, same happened to me, i bought a bag of Castor & Pollux Organix Dry cat food & NONE of of 6 cats would eat it either. I tried their other 2 flavours, & my cats said no. This is weird, because they were loving it all year. I just bought another bag & they are eating it, but not as much & the kibble seems much larger, & my cats are more constipated now. I think something has changed with their product. I changed from Wellness, because i thought this was healthier, then i read that Old Mother Hubbard bought Wellness. Going to have to research more & find an alternative.

      1. Sally Bahner

        It’s better to lay off the dry food in general. It’s all crap that leads to obesity, diabetes, and urinary problems and more.

        1. Bill Lee

          I was told just the opposite. Feed dry feed and lay off the wet food. Wet food is half seafood which my vet says is not what they should be eating and they don’t like the meat and vegetable in the wet non fish flavored foods. Plus, they drink more water when eating dry food.

          1. Sally Bahner

            No. No. No. There are many articles from credible veterinarians that condemn dry food. Even the grain-free dry foods are carb-laden because peas are used to bind the whole mess together during the extrusion process; carbs have no need for carbohydrates. Dry food leads to diabetes, obesity, urinary and kidney problems. Check out
            IF you must feed dry food, do not free feed. Put the food in a dispenser or foraging toy such as the Eggerciser, which will encourage the cat to hunt for his food.

  2. Cat Lewis

    I love wellness but I brought home blue buffalo and the cats chose the blue. Not too much of a savings but they go crazy for it and my dogs prefer it too.

    1. Sally Bahner

      Feed a variety of foods — it prevents your pets from becoming finicky and prevents problems that may be caused if one food comes up deficient or otherwise messed up.

      1. joyce richey

        I do feed a variety of cat food, I too, buy wellness and blue blue buffalo. Thought they may like a new one, but the Organix was not to their liking. I called Pet Food Direct to see about returning it and they told me to donate the food to a shelter and they would credit my account for the Organix. How much better service can you get. Pet Food Direct is the best. (plus you can find great coupons online, up too 20%) I went to Petco to pick up a bag, as i had just ordered from PFD and didn’t need anything but the dry. I bought Natures Variety Instinct, which they like. There is a new food out called I and Love and You Nude Food, available in wet and dry, petco carries it, and it’s online also. Anyway, happy catting, take caree.

        1. Sally Bahner

          Pet Food Direct is a good place to research ingredients without going to each manufacturer’s website.

  3. Bama Griz

    So, is this good news or bad news. Can’t tell by what is written here.

    1. gill

      that’s what i want to know. my cat loves their ultramix cat food.

  4. April

    Sad to hear they went out of business. With all the crap from China that has been killing our pets, we needed something safe to feed. Darford was recommended by my vet too.
    As far as dog food goes, my vet recommends both Taste of the Wild grainfree and a new one called Nature’s Logic which I will try.

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