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Carolina Prime Pet Inc. Announces Recall Of Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips

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  1. Bonnie Carollin

    The problem with all these poisonous recalls is that the mfg. only reimburse the retailers for the product. The product is at the retailers and they must spend their resources to destroy.

    In the case of the Diamond dog food recall at least here locally is that these feed stores do NOT want to have to pay to destroy the product.

    They are calling Animal Controls and Shelters to co
    E take the food as a donation and the poor animals sitting in our broken shelter system are forced to eat food that makes them sick and most never receive medical care- get sick and die.

  2. Peter

    Broken, indeed, and what you mention is a disgrace. Americans spend $1 billion annually funding municipal shelters, where 14,000 animals are killed each day, often, merely for lack of space. Moreover, these recalls get very little attention from the general public, unless they are tuned in to the issue, such as through this site. Independent retailers do very well, but you can find recalled products in large stores all the time.

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