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Canola Oil in Pet Foods; Is it Healthy?

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  1. […] Canola oil:  Canola oil comes from the Rapeseed and “canola oil is associated with fibrotic lesions of the heart. It also causes vitamin E deficiency, undesirable changes in the blood platelets and shortened life-span in stroke-prone rats when it was the only oil in the animals’ diet.” ~ The Truth About Pet Food […]

  2. Juanita

    Canola oil is actually made from a toxic plant. CANOLA is actually an acronym for Canadian oil low acid.

    Go to the website and type in and then Canola oil. Make sure you go to the website.

    Also, xylitol is now being put in peanut butter. Although okay for humans it is toxic for animals. I do not purchase my dog anything with canola oil or xylitol. If the ingredients say olive blend look for parenthesis and see if canola oil is in there. If it is not in parenthesis and only says olive blend then canola oil is probably in it. Also, Zukes treats is now putting olive blend in some of their new treats so look at the ingredients. Eventually they will probably be putting it in all the treats.

  3. Juanita

    I no longer purchase any treat with peanut butter or pill pockets because to my understanding dog treats and food to not have to list all ingredients listed. I am be wrong but this is how I interpret things I read. Correct me if you feel I am wrong.

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