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Can You Hear Me Screaming?

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  1. Alice La Pierre

    Susan, I recommend that you set up a petition page on and post it on Facebook. You will get thousands of responses in no time, and bring a lot of publicity to the world on this.

    1. Bon

      yes-excellent idea–

      1. Sam

        Can we all sign a letter to Dr.McChesney?

  2. Bon

    We will continue the battle-but in the mean time we must educate educate educate—“maybe” if the junk stays on the shelves long enough the retailers will stop stocking it—we need to be vocal- we need to network–we need to tell everyone who will listen and even the ones who won’t to stop buying this C#*P! I have stopped people right in the store as they were reaching for a bag of Milos Chicken Jerky–STOP!!!
    We can only do what we can do! But we CAN be heard..the internet is a wonderful tool!

  3. Eleta McCormick

    God love you, Susan, for this thankless job and for your persistence in bringing the jerky thing to task. My experience with the jerky was the Costco (I believe Waggon Train) supposedly “100% pure chicken jerky treat”. I fed it to my Betsy, an allergic, Pancreatitis prone Chesapeake Bay Retriever because the label said “pure chicken”. When she got sick, it took me a while to connect the jerky treats. Thank God I used them only as an occasional treat, because I believe (based on the impact on her) they could have killed her. I wrote Costco my findings and experience and begged them to take those particular treats out of their inventory … they answered with a placating “we’re so sorry … don’t hesitate to return” note and continued to carry it (I believe they still are). It makes me sick at heart that we owners, who try to do the very best by our trusting pets, can be inadvertently killing them. Thank you so much for being our voice. Eleta

  4. Dawn Mello

    Hi Susan,

    Start a petition,, I will be the first to sign!!

  5. Bill

    The problem is much more complicated & we give you the place to look… but no one what’s the truth.. it’s not the product but the physiology of the pet & a whole picture… feel free to contact me… I’ll be glad to share & CURE the problem…

    1. Pacific Sun

      What further information do you have?

    2. Jan

      So Bill . . .why the come on without any brief explanation as to what you have to share? Makes me wonder . . . And Susan, thanks for your continued battle. Someday, the voices that join you will be heard.

    3. Bon

      just who are you Bill-why don’t you just say what you have to say??

  6. Mary Kay

    Would he feel the same way about “only” 40 complaints if they were about children instead of dogs?

    1. Peter

      That has already happened, in the past. The Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act was created owing to illness, injury, and death to people. As part of that process, the FFD&C Act expressly enfolded protection of pet foods and animal feeds used for livestock. Since that time, however, the FDA has weakened this federal law through “Compliance Policies,” and given pet food manufacturers many ways to sidestep regulations to ensure purity and safety of their products.

      As consumers, we are in a war with profit-driven agriculture holds us in contempt and regards our animals as disposable; but also, as citizens, with our own government, as it perpetuates that economic relationship. This will not change until consumers demand so.

  7. dennis

    when the fda released the names of dogs who got sick or died and cities where the complaint was filed to the fda.i checked for my dog not on list also know of 2 other people who filed complaints not on the list.there is a big cover up by the fda on the true numbers.

  8. Marsha

    Has anyone thought about a class action law suit against the makers of these chicken jerky treats and maybe even the FDA?
    I used the treats years ago and quit on my own because of the other China products that were making our dogs sick and killing them.

    I think a class action law suit would be a great idea.
    I give all my sympathies to all who have had their pets get sick or pass on.

    1. Jay

      I believe someone has filed a class action lawsuit. I remember reading about it several months ago, but haven’t heard anything recently.
      Unfortunately, I’m sure the Big commercial pet food companies will tie this up in court forever and probably shut it down because they can afford more attorneys. 🙁

  9. Carolyn

    My dil had a cat that died from ‘poisoned’ food several years ago, my cat was and still is going strong @13 because I always fed her home cooked chicken. Now we have a rescued border collie and I started her on the same home cooked chicken plus baked sweet potato and green beans. Both get a little California Naturals kibble as treats and for the crunchies, but they also get the chicken as treats. They are both extremely healthy. I really isn’t much work and worth the effort.

  10. John

    Susan… you ae the BEST! Sorry about your uncle.
    We will be at the Fishkill,NY Walmart on Friday, just to let you know.
    Get some rest!

  11. Denise Thress

    I am guessing that Bill surmises the jerky treats are the straw, so to speak. Maybe he feels that a dog fed a healthy diet, who once in awhile has a Chinese Jerky Treat would be fine?

    My dogs were fed organic raw. I missed the fine print on the back of the bag, made in China. The front of the bag had CALIFORNIA all over it….yep, distributed by but made in China. MY FAULT!! I was furious. My dogs were already DEAD. 3 dogs, 3 different ages, all dead within months of each other.

    Of course there’s a cover up.
    It is time to be seen and heard.
    We should be demonstrating at pet food stores, often.

    1. Bill

      You are right… Kidney & liver are almost always toxins…. Commercial foods contain a wide variety of toxins… what do you think is in flea, tick & heartworm products? Vaccines.. lawn chemicals, deodorizers, cleaning products… The reason they can’t find the problem is that they are using the same “safe” toxins that are approved for food.. However, when you start mixing these chemicals, even inside the body, you end up with new ones… also, as they accumulate, problems will star to develop…

    2. Pacific Sun

      Commercial raw chicken product (like Foster Farms and Tysons) is injected & fed with an array of artificial substances to grow them, plump them, rush them to market, fight disease, and keep them alive within a very unnatural environment. (Rent FOOD, INC., a documentary for more information). Bill is probably correct. He also sounds like an “insider” being reluctant to spell out the whole picture. Nevertheless, the chemicals injected are based on the natural weight and moisture of a chicken. In a way, it could be said to a compensate for an expected dulution ratio. Heaven only knows what China is using to keep their poultry alive and to mass market it for profit. Or it could be that what chickens are eating naturally contains a bacteria that is foreign to our pets. So it could be, that when the poultry is dehydrated, these chemicals remain in a much more concentrated and therefore toxic level. It could also be happening on a sporadic basis, so as to escape consistent testing. So the result may affect only certain dogs, perhaps with systemic weaknesses, auto-immune, allergic issues and deficiencies. If this has been going on since 2007, I doubt that they’ll ever prove an air-tight link between cause and effect. Unless … a true whistle blower (insider) steps foward? Anyone ready to do that???

      1. Peter

        Be aware also, that many of these poultry suppliers (including all the most known “grocery store” names) have been exposed as supporting institutionalized cruelty to the animals they raise. It is important to try and be aware of these issues, and pressure those agribusinesses that perpetuate these abhorrent practices. It can take a little extra work, but the whole picture is worth considering.

  12. Carolyn

    So why do they recall pet foods and not these KILLER treats? Just look at all the pet foods that have been recalled over the past I don’t how many months. (goes back to far for me to remember) and yet they do not recall the KILLER treats. We have these KILLER treats in our pet shops and supermarkets here in New Zealand. Not a lot of people know about what they can or are doing to our fur babies. 🙁

  13. MaryAnne Kennard

    Thank you so much for writing this FDA idiot. I am glad you wrote because I would have. I am tired of reading every label and being afraid to open a new bag of food. I have an 11 year old mini wire haired dachshund who is my life. I dread the day she passes, but if something I feed her killed her I would hunt someone down! If you know what I mean. I read your blog every week and I so appreciate your work. Thank you again.
    Ginger’s momma

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  15. Sue

    I personally dont’t give my dogs processed dog treats. I give carrots and apples for treats and trust they love them as much of that prepackaged stuff.

  16. Jane

    I grieve every day for my little yorkie who loved the Milo chicken treats and had them daily. She died a very premature death from pancreatitis. I feel so guilty for indulging my little petwith treats that killed her.

    1. Nancy Baer

      This is for Jane..I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your little yorkie(((hugs))) Please try not to feel guilty about her death..YOU are not responsible! YOU didn’t KNOW that the treats she loved were going to kill gave her those treats out of LOVE. The pet food companies are the ones who should feel guilty..the stuff they’re putting in our pets foods is downright lethal!!!
      Your yorkie wouldn’t want you to be sad for long..she’d want you to smile and remember the happy times. Please know that I am here for you if you ever need to talk, okay? I will keep you and your yorkie in my thoughts and prayers. O:-)

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