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Blue Ridge Beef Recalls Product Because of Possible Health Risk

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  1. Batzion

    Thanks, Susan. I wonder if Blue Ridge is processed in China and then shipped back here.

  2. Sick of Commercial Pet Food

    A puppy DIED …. perfect reason to avoid THIS manufacturer in perpetuity.

    Even if the illness “probably” wasn’t related …. since the FDA found the contamination …. proof enough …. they’re NOT testing their batches adequately.

    By the way, you can survive salmonella, but Listeria can be deadly for people.

    Just gives raw food more of a bad name. So sorry for those owners!

  3. Lori

    Hey guys, Blue Ridge Beef is really Blue Ridge whatever. The amount of horse meat in that beef would shock you.

    1. Reader

      I went off the deep end (erroneously) in my above comment. And I apologize for that. What made me research further actually, was your claim about horsemeat. I talked to the company owner. And asked if he’d be willing to back up his comments to me in writing. And he said without hesitation. I am not defending a product that isn’t batch tested. Which they are rectifying. But he said the protein is human grade quality. Not having anything to do with a rendering plant. And definitely free of horsemeat (which happens to have it’s own set of drawbacks, anyway).

      I was concerned enough to ask questions directly for two reasons. One, my dog eats (another) commercially made raw product. And I wondered if this could be a common practice. And two, because unfounded remarks (found on the internet) just give websites like this a bad name. It can scare people away from trying an alternative diet. The kind that Vets are already using every excuse in the book to discredit.

  4. cheryl flanagan

    Has it been tested for horsemeat? Horses get drugs such as bute and dewormers that can cause severe problems making horses inedible. How can it be tested?

  5. Kate

    What about the 5 lb chubs? Are they different lots?

  6. Cin

    Around 4 months ago I also contacted the owner of Blue Ridge Reef because my cats were all refusing to eat the kitten grind in the 2 lb chubs, and when they did eat it they would only pick at it and often vomited it back up. They have all been raised on raw from this company for almost 4 years and I trully believe in raw feeding. The owner immediately refunded me for the 6 cases and said he was going to have them tested and that was the last I heard of it. I did not inform my vet or FDA because he assured me the meat would be tested, and no real harm was done to my animals. A cat breeder friend of mine also received a refund for bad meat. Thinking we should of had it tested. We live in Michigan.

  7. Maria Miller- Den Heijer

    OMG now it all comes together. My one cat has been throwing up daily after eating Kitten Grind.
    My other two have bad diarrhea for days.
    They never had problems eating Kitten Grind before.
    I have 6 rolls left from the box of 12 with that UPC CODE .
    Do I get a refund for all 12 or just 6 rolls?
    I hope the total box, that would be fair. And I wanted to call my vet today to bring all 3 cats in.
    I’m wondering if that vet bill would be covered as well.

    1. Becky

      I doubt the vet bill will be covered. It is usually not covered. You would have to sue the company.

  8. Showboy Camelot

    OK I’m a Show Persian Cat Breeder in MA and FL, came to FL went and bought my usual $450.. of raw and my cats will only eat the grind and not the mix. I believe they know something isn’t right.. WTHECK!! So over all this. I use to make my own along with RAWZ dry and may have to start again…So not right… Thanks for this page and letting me vent!!! Ideas anyone????

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