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Blue Buffalo’s Email to

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  1. Woofielover

    Nice! You couldn’t buy that kind of credibility just given to you by a couple of giant corporations who are worried about what you say! Good job, Susan! Keep up the great reporting of the facts!

  2. Holly

    I’m lost. Why would BB send an email, now, about something you posted almost 2 years ago?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      This was from 2 years ago – I’ve just got a new theme for the website and it has changed the dates of all posts. Sorry.

      1. Holly

        So the email was referring to the chicken by product issue? Is that what they mean by discussions between them and Purina?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          This is going to sound bad…but…I don’t remember what this was in reference to. I should have included that in the post, but I didn’t. Sorry.

  3. Laurie Raymond

    You posted earlier today an article “Are Pet Foods Safe” — but the link doesn’t go anywhere. Is this just a tech glitch — or something more sinister? Hoping to read the article!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – new theme – very much a glitch (my glitch – not something sinister). Something that I’ve been working on, but don’t have it the way I want it.

  4. Dianne

    I approve, the page loads so much better. I kept having to wait while the pages scrolled up and down by themselves.

  5. june m lay

    I love what u do, and staying informed even though I formulate doggie food from only human food and cook for my Sophie.
    I do want to say you could have written a small explanation for this post, and can you comment on the truth of the rebuttal?

  6. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Yea, sure I trust what they say!!!! NOT!!!

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