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Answers from Nature’s Logic Pet Food

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  1. Mary Ashman

    I tried Nature’s Logic dry dog food as an alternate source that was less costly. I had been using Acana grain free. What I have found is the dogs are extremely gassy and we are on the 3rd bag. They also poop much much more than they ever did on Acana. I don’t think I will use the food again once the last bag is gone.

    1. Brent Ahrens

      Have you tried a different formula of the Nature’s Logic? I sell a lot off Nature’s Logic and dogs do very well on it. From the symptoms you are describing it sounds like it might not be the right protein source for them. If you haven’t tried the beef or the duck/salmon I would recommend one of those before you give up on Nature’s Logic. Good luck!

    2. Steve Johannes

      Scott Freeman of Nature’s Logic has written about gassyness, and recommends cutting back on the food, by up to 1/3 of feeding chart amounts, and mixing with water, if gastrointestinal upset lingers after transition. There is a lot of nutrition packed into this food, and many dogs don’t need as much of it. The water mainly helps fill the void in the belly. This has worked for a number of my customers (though not all).
      Also note that the feeding charts for many of these high quality foods call for much lower daily amounts than cheaper foods, bringing the monthly costs down.

  2. Eniko McDonald

    I switched to Nature’s Logic from Acana. I have 6 dogs that love the new food and pick out the kible from amongst the Acana kibble. 🙂
    I appreciate the quality ingredients and care put into making Nature’s Logic.

  3. Aunnika

    I just had one of the most informative and intelligent discussions on protein Intolerance with a Natures Logic representative this weekend I would like to share-
    My Pedigree Ragdoll kitten started to have chicken Intolerance (many dogs have this too)

    Theory – they use Chicken and Beef Ovum for growth of most Vaccinations. The body may identify as something to get rid of when eating that similar protein.

    I found that interesting, as his Intolerance started when vaccines did and so did my previous Ragdoll.
    So I will also attempt chicken protein later on.

    Another problem I’m finding is with the Carrageenan in canned foods and Intolerance.

    Natures Logic also offers raw frozen food. We already started our kittten on Natures Instinct Brand rabbit raw and he and the other cats love it. They are healthier, our chubby dsh is losing fat and their fur is lusterous.

    OK…enjoy the knowledge. I’m trying Natures Logic!

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