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Another Video with Law Cited

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  1. Batzion

    A law firm (preferably large) that will take a pro bono case against the FDA might be what’s required. Thank you, Susan.

  2. Anthony Hepton

    Just let me know when such a scenario arises and I will bring my reams of data to be shared.

  3. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, we have talked about this before, but we need a collective effort to get past the “GATE KEEPERS” who are intent on blocking any serious confrontation with this malignancy in our society. The regulators refuse to enforce their own regulations, the manufactures thumb their noses at their customers, the news outlets are beholden to their advertisers dollars, politicians have bigger fish to fry. Social media is taking a bite out of profits, but we are just scratching the surface in our attempt to inform the public. I sent a message to Michael Moore of movie fame, but he is getting bombarded with issues from every corner the globe. We need help.

  4. Holly

    Susan, approximately how many people subscribe to Truth About Pet Food site? Petsumer?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Unfortunately, not a big number. less than 20,000.

  5. Bonnie

    Prions (what causes Mad Cow disease and its variants that are found in wild life) cannot be destroyed by any means currently known to man. And the FDA, USDA, the WHO are fully aware of this.

  6. Holly

    The people who have commented on this site live in different states, right?
    1. Nearly each state has various pet rescue groups, many breed specific. If this video were forwarded to those rescue groups, then those members could forward it to their friends, and so on and so on. Some research on Google would be required.
    2. I sent a note to my senators this week — I got a rather nebulous response from one of them; my congressperson’s response was a bit better.
    3. The video could be sent to all the daily newspapers and weekly supplements in your state — with a search on Google.
    4. Most people have a Facebook site — post the video on there.
    This this could spread like wildfire.

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