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  1. Rose Studdard

    Many thanks for this update. I won’t be fooled by their links now. I have fought for my pets for over 40 years. My current vet is pushing prescription food that contains wheat, corn and soy as well as other ingredients I do not wish to feed my pets. Until I found your website I felt so alone in my frustration. I forward your info. and try to inform all I come in contact with about truth in pet food. You have undoubtably saved many pets from illness and death. I wish you all the success in your cause for consumer’s pets worldwide. A forever supporter.

    1. Mirel

      Dear Rose,
      I have a cat who has been prescribed Hill’s KD because of her kidneys. I will admit that her kidney values have been stable while on this food, but her stomach is increasingly intolerant of it. In other words, she is constantly on the verge of full blown diarrhea, which is not good since it is dehydrating. I have been able to develop a recipe for her that is very, very close to the KD canned in terms of nutrient content by using Alnutrin with calcium vitamin mix and various veggies to reduce protein (instead of using grain like Hill’s does. I would definitely explore the possibility that you could recreate the prescription food at home with a vitamin mix like Alnutrin. You can find the nutrition info for the prescription food on the company websites. Good luck!

  2. Stephen

    Susan > You are the Best !

    Thank You for our Animals and from their Health Guardians.

    Your Truth is Always Welcome Here !

  3. Luther

    Doug Lueders is a WEAK man !

  4. Mirel

    Thank you so much for trying so hard for all of us. The AAFCO should be ashamed but it sounds like they lack the principles to be so. The awareness and enlightenment of the consumer is all that is needed to weaken the industry, and that’s why they try so hard to keep things dark and obscure.


  5. Diane Rise

    Thank you Susan. I know that in the political arena, petitions do have an impact. They can hit a more diverse audience, many who would support the cause but who would not otherwise know what they could do as an individual or even know that you exist. They can put a very bright light on who can correct a problem but may not be doing the ethical thing. I know nothing about how petitions are developed but I’m sure others here do. Care2 and are a couple that I receive and support often. Don’t know if this would help or not.

  6. linda

    I have had to deal with Government and the like. So discouraging. It is all about the money. Nothing else matters to them. Their tactics you are well aware of. Just want to let you know you are doing good. Little by little …inch by inch. I also think the idea of those on line Petitions might be worth a shot.

  7. Susan Hayes

    There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with government, but it’s unconscionable when the government allows private entities, such as the PFI, to influence it.

  8. Chris Sollers

    It’s no real surprise that AAFCO is in the pockets of the major manufacturers. What a joke!

  9. Peter

    The AAFCO is just a voluntary commercial enterprise, and I regard the organization’s “endorsement” on labels of pet foods nearly meaningless. That they offer links to PFI is not surprising. That PFI acquired links in a startlingly transparent effort to re-direct web traffic expected for this site to move to their own, is not surprising. That they will cross-defend each other and FDA compliance policies is not surprising.

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