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AAFCO July 2018

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  1. Audree

    Thanks, Susan. We enjoyed ourselves more than you can possibly know! We’re all in this together!

  2. Debi

    So frustrating and so sad, you are all hero’s to us for sure.

  3. Claire

    Thank you for exposing the TRUTH to save our pets.

  4. Cheryl Bond

    Thank you Susan & all advocates who attended on behalf of consumers & our beloved pets.

    I believe one of my cats recently died because of Orijen Regional Red Cat Food, & I have no way to prove it! I’m heartbroken & angry as hell! My other many cats had been increasingly throwing up more often, & several presented with weird, out of nowhere bad skin rash eruptions.

    As soon as I saw that article from T.A.P.F. about the dog food issue, I put two & two together & IMEDIATELY took them off the food. The excessive vomiting ceased, but very sadly, my girl who was REALLY ill, was already “gone”. I don’t know for sure if it was the food, but my gut tells me it was! I just pray to God my other cats will be ok! & that the toxins are getting out of their system. I’m just sick over all of this!

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