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A Concerning Trend

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  1. Cannoliamo

    Susan, From my experience, it is the No. 1 Goal (i.e. objective, mission, motive, ….) of EVERY corporation to increase shareholder profitability (i.e. market value, net worth, dividends, stock price, …) regardless of any statement to the contrary. Product quality, employee benefits and any other considerations fall a DISTANT second unless they contribute to a company’s profitability. The ONLY reason one company acquires another is to increase its profit margin. Government, at the behest of public citizens – usually good samaritans (including pet owners, caretakers, consumer and humane groups) may try to regulate product quality, but quality will ALWAYS be a distant second to a company’s profit motive. All corporations are capitalist creations designed to maximize profits and minimize costs (including taxes and quality if necessary). I have yet to find ANY acquisition or corporate merger that has the consumer as the primary stakeholder. This philosophy is the bedrock principle beneath all corporate lobbyists and their unscrupulous and amoral influence in all three branches of our government (including the Supreme Court).

  2. Donna Frano

    I’ve given up after the Evangers’ fiasco. I’m feeding my girl human food mostly. Hamburger that I buy at the grocery store with different base additives (to avoid the one source issue). Expensive, but she’s worth it.

    1. Audree

      Donna – I know you think you’re doing your baby a favor but plain store bought hamburger is NOT sufficient nutrition for your pet. It’s barely good for humans! You don’t say where you live but PLEASE find a small independent pet store near you that can advise you. There are lots of pet food choices that will be much healthier than hamburger. Freeze Dried: Grandma Lucy’s, NRG, Honest Kitchen are a few that you can have delivered if you don’t live near a good store. If you do, look at a great frozen raw foods like Northwest Naturals, Steves, Tuckers, OC Raw.
      Good Luck!

      1. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

        Awesome info! Cats need supplements hamburger is NOT a good source for cats as it lacks any supplements cats need to be healthy I use Darwin’s Raw it has ALL the supplements they need a bit pricey but then again some people pay $2 for a 5 oz can of cat food where Darwins raw is $5 a pound which comes to about $1.65 for 5 oz

    2. Leanne S

      Ground beef from the grocery store is a damn sight better than most dog foods. But, no, you cannot just feed ground meat, but I suspect you know this, and were not implying that all you feed is ground beef. Honest kitchen base mixes with added ground meat of your choice is just fine. I also buy beef heart and grind it and add eggs, squash, herbs, kelp, yogurt, liver and kidney. And some prey model raw, such as chicken necks and thighs, whole. If you feed a variety of foods, nutrition is not rocket science.

  3. T Allen

    Reading between the lines is so blatant and disgusting. Spread the word!

  4. Jane

    These mergers never seem to make things better for consumers. Organix was purchased by Purina a few years ago (or rather the company that owned them was purchased by another company that was purchased by Purina. It’s hard to keep track without a flowchart!) and the quality really changed for the worse.

    It’s frustrating that they’re allowed to be so secretive about which brands are made where, too. That makes it harder to make good, informed choices. And muddies the water when there are recalls. We’re at the mercy of the companies – having to rely on them for information they probably don’t want us to have.

    Which makes what you’re doing all the more important. And appreciated!

  5. Mandy Elena

    Hound and Gatos is moving to the Farmers Union Industries canning facility. Is cross contamination a concern with the grease / bi-products? I have been feeding this food for years, so I don’t know how concerned I should be about this change affecting the safety of the food.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      They are not moving to – they have been canned at Performance Pet for many years (as it was the best canning facility there was/is to my knowledge). H&G has told me consistently over the years – they always double checks their manufacturer and/or ingredient provider – they test for many things prior to manufacturing and after including DNA analysis to assure the meat in the food is the meat as stated on the label. Not many pet food brands do this. Knowing this company, I feel confident they will continue to double check their foods even though the canning facility has changed owners. My concern is more of foods that don’t double check…example being Evangers (who did not double check their supplier).

  6. Laura

    So disappointed to see that sWheat Scoop is made by such a terrible company. I thought I was using the best litter I could for my cats after hearing about it from, but now I feel sick. Susan, are there any particular cat litters you trust, or feel are safe for cats? I’m thinking I’ll switch to CareFresh.

  7. David

    Every pet owner should check out . This guy Dr. CANELLO discovered what was creating pathologies in dogs and cats. He designed food to correct the problems. We have our dogs on Legend grain free and the results were astounding. Pure sourced protein combined with photonutrients. Incredible food. My girlfriend’s sister owns a petfood store and she turned us onto it.

  8. Anita Guns

    There are very good books out there on home cooking for dogs – full clear instructions on everything you need to know – read around to find one you are comfortable with – raw or cooked.

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