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2014 Twas the Night Before Christmas

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  1. Cindy

    Love the “sandman”. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all.

  2. Betsy Greer

    Love it, Susan!

    We’ll eagerly await the fruits of your labor! Thank you for working so hard to protect our pets.

    Christmas blessings to you throughout the year.

  3. Gitta

    I too love the sandman.

    It could also be a symbol for big (won’t say ‘fat’) government bureaucrats and pet food reps aiming to throw sand in our eyes and into Susan’s gears.

    Safe Holidays for all.

  4. Holly

    What a kool “Sandman!” It makes me homesick for my beach as there’s certainly none in G’ville. Happy, Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    Wonderful, Susan, I am sharing. It is true, the work you do is yeoman, and so essential. You are our pets’ Erin Brockovich! Your sandman reminds me of the Bumble in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” seems tough, but just has a toothache!

  6. Brenda

    Marvelous poem–can’t wait for the truth to come out! Cute sandman too. Thank you for all of your hard work. Merry Christmas!

  7. cathy

    thank you, Susan. Happy Holidays to all.

  8. MC

    Adorable, thanks for all you hard work on behalf of our beloved pets. Merry Christmas to you and yours… 🙂

  9. Christine Sauer

    Love the poem! Thanks so much for your hard work and so interested to hear about the test results. Happy holidays! PS Very cute sand woman.

  10. sharon

    Merry Xmas and bless you for all the devotion you put into the love and health of all our prts .Wishing the best in all you do in the coming year. Sincerely Sharon

  11. sharon

    I misspelled pets sorry Sharon

  12. Linda

    Susan, you never quit amazing us with your cuteness. Really looking forward to hearing more from you and all about what the elves have been working on. Merry Christmas and a terrific 2015 to all.

  13. Laurie

    Very grateful to have you in our corner… what a blessing and a gift to our precious pets. Thank you!

  14. Maxine Schmidt

    You are wonderful. Hope your holiday is a great one, and the New Year brings you nothing but joy, good health and more successes in the tireless work you do on behalf of our furry ones.

  15. Sally

    Thank you for all your hard work Susan !
    Merry Christmas to you and everyone !

  16. joyce

    thank you Susan for taking care of our pets and helping us to take care of them…

  17. Valerie Noyes

    Merry Christmas Susan! Love the poem and cannot wait to hear the results. You’ve done an amazing job!!

  18. Kathryn Smith

    Thank you Susan, et al, for all you do for us. May you have a wonderful Holiday season and
    come back refreshed and renewed for the battles facing us in the coming year. We’re behind you 110%!

  19. Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

    TY, Susan, for the above and for all you do! Looking forward to you busting this conspiracy apart! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  20. Dog_Obsessed

    Thanks so much for this Susan. It’s a nice spin on the problems with pet food safety.

  21. Sandra Murphey

    Susan, you have the heart of a warrior when it comes to fighting for the “Truth About Pet Food”. You are very appreciated and held in high esteem by so many of us pet guardians.

    Your creativity shines through in this wonderful poem, and sandman image. Thank you for your passion in sharing the truth!

  22. Tracey

    Merry Christmas Susan!

    That is the best poem! Keep up the good work!

    Charlie, Jake, Ozzie, Hercules, Angel and Corkey

  23. George Brown

    Merry Christmas, and Thanks Susan, for All you do for us Pet Parents, and our Little Furry Babies !!!!!!!!!

  24. BC

    Merry Christmas to All!! Susan you are a special Lady and please tell the Elves how much their work means to us. I still grieve for my babies I lost in 2007.
    Innocent Lives snuffed out too early because of greed..represents everything wrong in our world today.

  25. BC

    Oh- on the Blue buyout by Mars- interesting since Mars owns the Banfields in the PetSmarts.-
    And the relationship between PetSmart and Banfields is not arms length.

  26. Nic D

    Just now having a chance to see this. Love it! Thank you for your enduring fortitude and fervor, Susan.

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