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2012 Stupidest Act in Pet Food Award

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  1. Dalmom

    Wow, that was hard. To choose only one when in my opinion, they are ALL winners of the stupidest act award! Its like watching Dumb and Dumber.

    1. Mare

      I agree …how does one choose just one out of all the STUPIDITY. I’ll have to really re-read a few more times…..

    2. Carol

      Agreed! I wish we could vote for them all. It’s scary to realize there is that much stupidity in the pet food industry.

  2. Carol Anne Rayson

    How’s about a Top Ten Stupidest Acts a la David Lettermen – that way at least 10 are kept on notice- we are watching them

    1. Mare

      Great idea!

  3. Essie

    Ugh. Going with FDA since they’re the ones that should be handling most of this stuff anyway. I now have apparently worsening allergies – is it from just a protein or something else that they’re allowing in my food?

  4. Debra

    I dunno, Susan, but I think the “award” should be the contents of a few thousand litter boxes. My furbabies say they are willing to “contribute”…

  5. Claire

    Had to cast my vote for the AVMA because they SHOULD be MORE informed, objective and have the BEST INTERESTS of pets at heart. But since they so obviously voted to line their pockets, continue to line their pockets with endorsement money from the commercial pet food manufacturers, it was a no-brainer vote for me….however they ALL deserve “awards”. Send them an uzi–that should help cure some problems.

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