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You Can Listen to the AAFCO Meeting

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  1. Samantha

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I can’t wait to listen and had no idea we could!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      In the several years that I’ve been going to these meetings – I never knew this either. I wish AAFCO would have made this clear long ago.

  2. Ronnie Daldos

    Have you ever seen an the “echo” pen? It allows you to record audio while taking notes on a special pad of paper. After the meeting, you can touch the pen to a note you took and it replays what was being said at that time. This way you don’t miss anything while you are writing. Thought it may be helpful to you in these meetings, if they let you use it. 🙁
    Keep up the great job!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      AAFCO doesn’t allow any recording of meetings (at least at the meeting) – no video or photographs either. I wish something like that could be used – simply because so much is said that needs to be noted, it is very difficult to write everything and then understand what I wrote later.

      1. colbey

        i found this article too late for this year. but it sounds like….well, in colorado, a news agency and/or its employee/s can use “accepted tools and equipment” when reporting or investigating a public and newsworthy event.

        also, telephone conversations or electronic communication can be recorded in colorado with the consent of a party to the conversation. (not sure if ALL parties need to consent.) however, “Anyone who is not ‘visibly present’ during a conversation who overhears or records the conversation without the consent of at least one of the parties commits a felony”–and i’m thinking that at least one party to the conversation would be fine with it being recorded and would give consent.

        these vary by state, so where the next meeting is held would be important, as well as the location of a “not visibly present” attendee of these “open access” meetings.

  3. Marie

    Awesome!!! I heard of the opportunity to listen in too late too! The “echo” pen sounds stealthy enough to use without anyone knowing. I realize you couldn’t share the info or admit to having recorded it, but it would be helpful to have it if possible. Love you guys!! Thank you for being our voice!

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