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Voluntary Withdrawal: Iams Shakeables Turkey and Lamb Dog Treats

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  1. Regina

    Is Petsmart the only store that has these affected treats? I’m wondering why the recall message is coming from a store and not from the manufacturer.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Often – big companies like Iams make ‘lines’ of products that are sold only at Petsmart and another ‘line’ sold only at Petco. Although we don’t know for certain – I would assume this is the case here.

  2. Peter

    When a manufacturer pulls a product from shelves because it does not meet “quality standards,” I would regard this as a “silent recall.”

  3. Alex

    The reps at a large dog show cluster in York PA (Celtic Classic, March 13-17) had at least some of the affected products. I am looking at a can of the turkey flavor code 2332419715A that I got there. I did not buy any lamb so can’t comment on that.
    I just called Iams at the number above to alert them to the issue (and deal with my own product!). I was told that they would have the reps who were at the show look into how they might contact people, but who knows what will be able to be done (many purchases at shows are cash and quite anonymous). I plan to share this with one of the Kennel Clubs involved in the show to see if they have any route they can follow to get the word out.

  4. Andrew

    Also sold at Target stores. They will not allow customer to purchase the recalled product (automated alert at checkout).

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  6. Dorothy Sinkler

    I am surprised that people are still buying anything that Iam’s makes after the disastrous death of many dogs (including my beloved Shih Tzu) who died an agonizing death after eating their dog food that was made in China. When I go to the pet store I cannot even walk through the Iam’s isle much less buying any of their dog food.

    1. Kim

      Dorothy, I am so sorry for your loss – my heart goes out to you. I can’t even imagine how horrible that must have been for you 🙁 I agree, I wish Iams and all the other crap dog food companies would go out of business because the overall public became aware of how awful their food is for our beloved dogs and cats.

      A big THANK YOU to Susan for working so hard to get the word out there!!!

      1. Jerry Pardue

        Several years ago, in answer to lead paint on toys for babies, the CEO of Toys R Us said, “We lost control of our quality control.” which is a total lie. They did not lose control of their qc, they sold it for bigger CEO pay and larger dividends for stockholders. Iams did the same and they should lose 100% of their market share.

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